7 Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness In Children

Jojo’s board exam result is out and his parents are elated with the result. To celebrate, they are planning to go Jojo’s best friend, his Grandpaa house.  Mommy started preparation for tomorrow, packing the bags and other useful stuff. Dad saw Jojo sitting on the couch staring his recently turned 5 yr old brother, Harry. On asking, Jojo told Dad that Harry always develop motion sickness even for a small car journey. I am all prepared this time, said Mommy and dashed in the hall. Your smart mommy has connected one children health app and took one counselling session over a call itself. We have been provided some ways to prevent motion sickness. Jojo was so happy and eager to know more on this. 

Read more about Travel or Motion sickness and ways to prevent naturally. Motion sickness can occur while travelling with any kind of transport and is named accordingly like car sickness, air sickness, sea sickness etc. Before you search for the medicines, try following these food measures and ways to get the solution for such sickness.

Avoid feeding too much before or during the travel

It is the stomach acids which cause nausea and reflux, so avoid feeding a heavy meal just before leaving. It is best to feed your children at least an hour before departure. Keep full fat dairy items to the minimum.

Say NO to aerated and acidic Drink

Do not give acidic or carbonated drink. This can upset the stomach easily. Try giving a clear fizzy drink, lime juice; lime honey water is the best drink if your child is prone to travel sickness.

Keep a bottle of ginger-ale handy

Different flavours of Ginger candy are available in the market and it is best known to help with nausea. You can also give your children Homemade ginger-ale. 

Recipe (water- 1cup, sugar 1/4th cup)

Wash and mince/grate the medium piece of ginger. Boil ginger, sugar and water till water becomes half. Cool it and add the lemon juice. Bottle it and give this in small quantity to child in intervals.

Slurp a slice of lemon

Lemons are known to stimulate brain regions where it signals to cease sickness. Also, it helps settle stomach discomfort by preventing Nausea and Vomiting.

The menthol magic of Peppermint

Menthol present in Peppermint helps to calm down the stomach stress. Make your children chew on some peppermint leaves or have mint candy. You can also use peppermint oil. Pour some drops in tissue and make your children inhale it. This will help in controlling motion sickness.

Suck on Ice cubes

Again, the simplest yet effective home remedy is sucking ice cubes. This results into stomach soothing and cease queasiness.

Sip on Apple juice

The presence of pectin  in Apples helps to settle the stomach of your children. Make your child sip on Apple juice before you start your ride.

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