Developmental milestones: Month 2

Motor Development

  1. Your baby would have started to gain better control over her body and limbs.
  2. During tummy down, she will hold her head steadier and for longer.
  3. Holding her upright will be easier since her neck won’t flop back immediately.
  4. When happy or excited she will kick her legs and wave her little fists.
  5. Her movements will be less jerky and more co-ordinated.

Cognitive Development

  1. Sucking, rooting, palmar, and grasping reflexes would be established.
  2. Newborn reflexes—moro and tonic—will start to fade out now.
  3. Her vision will become clearer.
  4. She will show a marked preference for bright colours and bold designs.
  5. This will enable her to focus and track bright objects or you.
  6. She will firmly distinguish your sounds from other peoples.
  7. When happy she will reward you with a lop-sided smile.
  8. She will start to get bored and will be fussy when she wants a change of scenery or activity.

Emotional and Social Development

  1. The first awry smile will start showing up when the baby is happy.
  2. She will be able to make and hold eye contact for longer duration.
  3. She will follow you around with her eyes as far as possible.
  4. She will learn to comfort herself by sucking her fists or thumb/fingers.

Language and Communication

  1. She will interact during playtime with soft coos, squeals, gurgles or even laughs.
  2. When excited, drooling or drool bubbles can surprise you.
  3. You will be able to differentiate her crying patterns of hunger from boredom.
  4. She will be turn her attention in the direction of voices in her vicinity.


  1. She will be on exclusive breastfeeding.
  2. The number of diaper changes would marginally go down.
  3. The breastfeeding rhythm between you and the baby would be well established.

What you can do to boost her development

  1. Invest in a play gym so she can register bright colours and hear different sounds.
  2. Reading can be soothing to them.
  3. Vary your tone and intonation to maintain interest and drama.
  4. When talking to her, wait for her to respond.
  5. Mirror her response to reinforce communication.
  6. Play different kinds of music to help her relax or stimulate her.
  7. Take her outdoors for walks and to soak in some Vitamin D.

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