Developmental Milestones: Month 8

Motor Development

  1. Your baby would be crawling by now or atleast trying to do so.
  2. Her other movements will include shuffling on bottoms, slithering on tummy, or rolling over.
  3. The eager ones will be pulling themselves up with the support of the furniture.
  4. The pincer grip is getting defined now.
  5. She will be able to manage to hold her sippy cup or bottle on her own.

Cognitive Development

  1. With mobility and movement will come separation anxiety.
  2. She will hang on to a fave toy or blanket when mom is not available.
  3. With active crawling, her hand-eye-foot-body coordination will improve.
  4. She is especially curious at this stage so give her ample stimulation.
  5. Her senses are enough developed to help her spot a toy at a distance and move intentionally towards it, independently.
  6. She has learnt to manipulate toys—nesting cups, rattling, tossing balls.
  7. She should sleep on average 11-12 hours a day.
  8. Her anticipation of routines is becoming much sharper.
  9. Your baby will start to develop her likes and dislikes to sounds, foods etc.

Social and Emotional Development

  1. The little one may feel shy of strangers.
  2. When left with a baby-sitter, she will cry for you.
  3. Her expressions of emotions will include clapping when excited.
  4. If taught, she will be able blow a kiss to familiar people she’s happy to see.
  5.  He may also start waving goodbye.
  6. When around another crying baby, she may start whimpering of her own—the first signs of empathy.

Language and Communication

  1. She will use sounds, gestures and facial expressions to get your attention.
  2. Since she is now a master of stringing vowels and consonants, you will hear real words such as mama and dada and papa somewhere around this time.
  3. The baby will continue to experiment with babbling using short syllables (‘da’, ‘ba’, ‘ka’, ‘pa’, ‘ta’).
  4. She will watch your mouth and lips intently and try to imitate your sounds.


  1. Breastfeeding can continue even though she will be losing interest soon.
  2. The baby will enjoy finger foods and self feeding.
  3. With pincer grip sharpening, she will pick up small things such as raisins and peas.
  4. Continue adding new fruits and vegetables to her menu.
  5. Include more textures—mashed, soft chopped fruit, bread etc in her meals.
  6. On an average, she should have 3 milk feeds and 3 semi solid feeds in a day.

What you can do to boost her development

  1. Spend time talking, singing and reading books to boost her language skills.
  2. Play games to reinforce concepts like cause and effect. When a rattle is shaken, it makes a sound.
  3. Peek-a-boo is a great game to instill object permanence.
  4. Point out sounds, animal sounds, smells to give her new words.
  5. Stimulate her with a variety of settings—zoo, schools, parks etc.
  6. Outdoor play in imperative.
  7. Take turns to pass a toy to each other, repeating thank-you, this is for you and so on.
  8. Baby-proof your house so that she can explore to her heart’s will.

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