Developmental Milestones: Month 9

Motor Development

  1. At 9 months, your baby is crawling like an expert probably.
  2. A pro at crawling she can possibly manage to crawl with a toy in one hand.
  3. Stairs, going up and down, crawling is easy for her.
  4. Cruising—trying to walk along the edge of furniture—is also probably happening.
  5. The little one is also expert at changing her position from crawling to sitting down, pushing herself up back again.
  6. Fine motor skills are getting developed too.
  7. Pincer grip is quite defined and she can even pick up a raisin now.
  8. Moving objects in a coordinated manner from one hand to another is easy too.
  9. She can sit and reach for a toy without falling over.

Cognitive Development

  1. Her brain is trying to figure out nesting cups, putting pegs in holes and more such tasks.
  2. Her increased comprehension of language along with mobility, makes it easy for her to follow simple instructions.
  3. She may respond when you ask her to pick up a toy, by picking it up.
  4. She has learnt to elicit favorable responses from you—by babbling or blowing bubbles to make you laugh.
  5. When something falls, or she drops, she will watch the path of its movement, curiously.
  6. Banging toys, throwing, shaking them is all learning of cause and effect.
  7. She will be able to wave bye bye if taught.
  8. Baby will clap and squeal when excited or happy.
  9. The hippocampus—part of the brain associated with memory –is 40% developed now and she fully recognizes mother’s voice as will the identification with routine.

Emotional and Social Development

  1. Your little one totally understands how to make you smile or laugh by now.
  2. She will bring a favourite toy to make you smile.
  3. But separation anxiety and stranger anxiety is starting to set in.
  4. She may cry to see you move away from her. Or a toy taken from her.
  5. If a favourite toy is taken and given to another child, she will show annoyance.
  6. She will be clingy with adults and favourite toys.

Language and Communication

  1. The babbling goes on for longer stretches of time now.
  2. You may feel she is saying out sentences but they are comprehensible to her only.
  3. But you can hear clear words such as ‘mama’, ‘dada’, or ‘hi’ sometimes.
  4. Understanding of language will have improved.
  5. She will understand simple instructions such as “where is the toy”.
  6. Simple instructions such as ‘No’ will be comprehended by her.
  7. She will copy and imitate adult’s expressions and words.
  8. Most babies will start using fingers to point at things they want.


  1. Many new items can be added to your baby’s menu now.
  2. She could be eating half cup of veggies, fruits and grains in a day now.
  3. Finger foods will elicit more interest than mashed food fed to her.
  4. Milk can be adjusted as per the amount of soft or semi solid food she is taking.
  5. Baby can be having 3 meals, and 2 snacks a day, including milk.

What you can do to boost her development

  1. Provide her with plenty of opportunities to crawl, stand, and cruise under supervision.
  2. Baby proof the house but do not limit her movement.
  3. Setting limits can start now by telling baby a simple ‘no’ or ‘yes’.
  4. Chat to your baby all the time—talk about her grandparents, routine etc.
  5. Copy her and let her copy the animal sounds etc that you make.
  6. Play more with cause and effect toys.
  7. Simple blocks, nesting cups, 2 piece puzzles can be tried.
  8. Reading to her is very important.
  9. Encourage more and more outdoor time.

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