Developmental Milestones: Month 5

Motor Development

  1. At 5 months, your baby would be sitting up probably with support.
  2. Without support, she will be in the Leaning Tower of Pisa sitting and will need cushions to prop her upright.
  3. She will use her hands to push herself up in a sitting position.
  4. Rolling from tummy to back and to tummy again will be a frequent activity.
  5. She will reach out for a toy when on tummy.
  6. When on her back, she may bring her feet towards her hands and rock.
  7. Her grasp will be quite defined and she may manage to hold a sippy cup on her own.
  8. She will enjoy movements such as gentle swinging and rocking.

Cognitive Development

  1. She will probably be sleeping through the night by now.
  2. The baby will enjoy using both her hands to explore toys and objects.
  3. Moto reflex will totally be gone. She will get startled much lesser.
  4. She will develop understand object permanence and enjoy peek-a-boo.
  5. By this time, most kids, enjoy bath time and car rides or pram rides outdoors.
  6. She will turn her head when her name is called out.
  7. By now the baby will understand simple instructions such as no and yes.

Emotional and Social Development

  1. Your baby will start returning your affection.
  2. She will hold her arms to be picked up by you.
  3. She will generally be happy.

Language and Communication

  1. From lop sided smiles your baby will move to full fledged laughs at 5 months.
  2. She will be making different sounds to express her feelings.
  3. Be prepared to hear a lot of babbling.
  4. Consonants such as da-da will be a favourite.
  5. She will listen/observe intently and also respond through laughter or sounds.
  6. The baby will learn to maintain eye contact when spoken or sung too.


  1. Breast milk will be her main food.
  2. Pureed fruits and vegetables can be added.

What you can do to boost her development

  1. To help your baby sit, move their legs to form a V-shape, which helps them balance.
  2. Show her how to pass a toy from one hand to another. Give her time to copy you.
  3. Swinging and rocking gently are fun ways to improve their perception  of movement. This is a precursor to crawling.
  4. During tummy time, place a toy just out of reach to encourage movement.
  5. Invest sometime in peek-a-boo or hide a toy under a pillow when she is watching.
  6. When handing her over a toy, name it (it’s a block/car) to help her identify things with their names.

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