Developmental Milestones: Month1

Motor Development

  • Within a month your baby would be latching well for breastfeed.
  • She will be able to bring her hands to her face.
  • Some babies would be sucking their thumbs.
  • During tummy time, she would raise her head/turn it slightly and briefly.
  • She will kick out her legs when laid down on a flat surface.
  • She would also try and focus on a face especially the mother’s.

Cognitive Development

  • ​​​​​​​Reflexes–rooting, sucking, palmar, moro–would have kicked in.
  • She will respond to loud noises and even to sneezing or coughing.
  • She will watch you keenly when you sing or make baby talk.

Emotional and Social Development

  • The baby will find comfort in her mother’s arms and may cry out for you.
  • She will start to get comfortable with other caretakers within a few days.
  • She will show keen response or interest towards an older sibling if any.
  • Since she has not experienced stranger anxiety or separation anxiety, she may not mind being held by other people.
  • Large crowds will over stimulate and exhaust her to the point of being fussy.

Language and Communication

  • Crying is the only way she will use to get your attention for her needs.
  • From high-toned wailing, her cries will gain a deeper tone.
  • She will briefly let out gurgling sounds when stimulated or happy.


  • The baby is exclusively on breastfeed.
  • She might need to be fed every hour or every two hours.
  • By the end of the third week she would have learnt latching and suckling.
  • Both you and the baby would have settled in a comfortable feeding position.

What you can do to boost her development:

1.  Give her ample tummy time to boost her motor skills.
2. Get silly–make faces, converse, sing to her.
3. Be available to her when she needs you. Hold her when she cries.
4. Bond with her.
5. Always respond to her gurgling sounds to boost her communication skills.

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