Developmental Milestones: Month 4

Motor Development

  1. Your baby’s hands are becoming more dexterous now.
  2. She will reach out and grab anything within her sight.
  3. Her head will no longer be wobbly.
  4. She can now hold her head and neck when seated with support.
  5. She will be able to hold her head upright in tummy down position.
  6. Some eager ones will have learnt to roll over, from front to back.
  7. Your baby will be able to sit up briefly when supported or propped up.

Cognitive Development

  1. Your baby will now start to respond to the world and its sounds with interest.
  2. Even during breastfeeding, a sound can distract her.
  3. She will anticipate routines. Mom can indicate feed and a diaper a change.
  4. Shewill repeat behaviour—shake rattle again and again to create the sound.
  5. Her vision would have expanded to include things at the far end of the room.

Emotional and Social Development

  1. She will start to learn to respond to affection by relaxing when held by you.
  2. She will smile when happy.
  3. She will initiate interaction by cooing or babbling sounds.
  4. She will identify favourite games such as belly tickle and will show eagerness for them.
  5. She will start to register more people in her world.

Language and Communication

  1. Some babies will already be on their way to mouthing sounds of ‘b’ ‘p’ or ‘d’.
  2. They may just delight you with the first sound of ‘m’ or ‘ma’.
  3. She will very interestedly stare at your mouth when you speak to her.
  4. Smiles, laughs, squeals and babbles will all communicate joy
  5. She will have developed different crying sounds for hunger, boredom etc.


  1. The baby’s main source of food will still be breastmilk.
  2. In some cases, the doctor may start her on semi-solids.

What you can do to boost her development

  1. Introduce different textured toys and materials to them such as fur, velvet, towel.
  2. Lay out different coloured toys and rattles around her to explore.
  3. Engage your little one in a conversation. Talk about your day, or activity.
  4. Be and look excited so that she tries and copies her first role model.
  5. Read more often with different sound intonations.
  6. Stick out your tongue and be prepared for a rude shock.

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