Developmental Milestones: Month 6

Motor Development

  1. By this time, she will probably be sitting on her own.
  2. Her rolling over, both ways, independently will tire you out.
  3. From tummy down, your baby will attempt to push herself into crawling position.
  4. She will be mastering transferring objects between hands.
  5. The baby may attempt to stand using objects as support.
  6. Raking grasp will have set in.

Cognitive Development

  1. Different textures will fascinate her—running water, prickly grass, warm rug.
  2. She will now be noticing tiny details: flower on your shirt and will reach out to explore.
  3. Henceforth mouthing anything within grasp to explore and understand will become common.
  4. Her sense of direction will start to develop.
  5. She will intentionally move in the direction she wants to go or towards you.
  6. When something will fall, she will look intently at it to understand its new space.

Emotional and Social Development:

  1. Your baby will by now firmly recognize familiar people including grandparents.
  2. She will start to develop fear of strangers and may not like going to them.
  3. Around this time, she will be social and entertain people with sounds and laughter though from your lap.
  4. She will develop attachment for a favourite toy.
  5. Your baby’s range of emotions will include anger also now.

Language and Communication

  1. Your baby will bore or delight you by repeating the same sound again and again.
  2. She will now learn to string together some vowels and consonants.
  3. Communication through sign language is going to be a norm now.
  4. Few words—bath, milk, diaper—will be recognizable to her.
  5. Her mixed bag of babbling can be delightful to hear.
  6. Her expertise at non-verbal communication is getting defined.


  1. She would have doubled her birth weight by now.
  2. From only breastmilk diet, you can move her to simple, pureed fruits and vegetables.
  3. Space out her semi-solid meals with milk: top milk or breast milk.
  4. Sips of water can be introduced.

What you can do to boost her development:

  1. To help her learn language, read out stories to her every night.
  2. Play peek-a-boo and similar games. It will help teach the idea of object permanence.
  3. Place toys just out of reach to encourage your baby to crawl.
  4. Sit at some distance and call her to come to you. Reward her with a big hug.
  5. Expose her to different textures to enhance her touch sense.
  6. Take her outdoors to boost her eyesight development.
  7. Name out objects to her when interacting with her.
  8. Repetition is the key here.
  9. Stacking blocks can be used to boost hand-eye coordination.
  10. Invest time in finger plays such as pat-a-cake and itsy-bitsy spider.

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