Developmental Milestone: Month 10

Motor Development

  1. She will be able to use both her hands independently of each other.
  2. This can lead to her holding two different objects in both hands at the same time.
  3. You will be surprised at the speed with which she will be able to crawl.
  4. Cruising, shuffling sideways will continue happening from previous month.
  5. Coordination of limbs and movement would have improved greatly.
  6. She will spot something and go to pick it up—all intentionally.

Cognitive Development

  1. She is fast becoming an independent little person who moves, play and communicates easily.
  2. You will be able to gather a sense of her personality—outgoing, calm, determined etc.
  3. While she has mastered moving objects, she will also master intercepting their movement.
  4. She will drop objects at will, and also hand them to you when asked for.
  5. Stacking cups will not be much of a challenge with repeated practice.
  6. She will be great at mimicking you—whether you are combing your hair or brushing your teeth.

Emotional and Social Development

  1. Babies become very sensitive to emotions here—especially mother’s.
  2. If you cry, her face will crumple too.
  3. If a toy delights you, she will bring it again and again to you.
  4. Her separation anxiety will only increase as will stranger anxiety.
  5. Other kids will delight her unless there is a common toy in between.
  6. She will very well relate with familiar people—grandparents, househelp, neighbor.

Language and Communication

  1. She can understand simple words such as hello, bye-bye, yes, no and respond to them.
  2. She will be able to nod her head in agreement or shake it sideways to show disagreement too.
  3. She will respond to simple instructions such as ‘Get your shoes from the room.’
  4. Simple words—car, dog, outdoors, bath—will make complete sense to her.


  1.  A regular eating pattern would have developed now.
  2. She will have started showing preference for sweet or salty foods.
  3. She may not enjoy spoon feeding anymore and would want to eat on her own.
  4. Signs of fussiness around food will start showing up.
  5. Encourage self feeding—using fingers or spoons.
  6. 3 meals, interspersed with 2 snacks, including milk, should be fine.

What you can do to boost her development

  • Talk about what your baby wants when she points at something.
  • Play peek-a-boo/hide-and-seek to boost her visual memory.
  • From one-sided talking move to having real conversations with her now.
  • Discuss her food, wait for her response and so on.
  • Turn on music—babies love bouncing and bopping to rhythms now.
  • Create an exploration safe house.
  • Read together.
  • Spend lots of time outdoors.

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