Developmental Milestones: Month 3

Motor Development

  1. Your baby would be able to support her head and chest for longer during tummy time.
  2. Sometimesshe may be able to hold her head even at a 90 degree upright position.
  3. Her lower limbs would be stronger and her kicks more purposeful.
  4. First signs of hand-eye coordination may start to become visible.
  5. She will be able to open and shut her fists and make a swipe for a dangling toy.
  6. She will put her fist into her mouth intentionally.

Cognitive Development

  1. She would be heels over head in love with you—literally!
  2. She will anticipate being lifted and cry if you don’t.
  3. She will learn cause and effect—when she pushes a toy, it moves.
  4. She will also enjoy playing with her own fingers and arms/legs.
  5. Her love for strong bold colours and designs will be definite.
  6. She will trail, with her eyes, people/objects that fall in her line of vision.

Emotional and Social Development

  1. She will now start to acknowledge more people by giving social smiles.
  2. From lop sided smiles, she will move to gummy grins very fast.
  3. Introduction to another baby will surprise and delight her.
  4. Her own reflection in the mirror will puzzle and excite her.

Language and Communication

  1. She will decidedly cry for her demands—to be lifted by you or for a toy.
  2. The baby will imitate the sounds you make or your facial expressions.
  3. From squealing, squeaking  to  screeching, she will make newer sounds.
  4. Crying will no longer be the only way of communication.


  1. She will be on exclusive breastfeed.
  2. She may also be sleeping for longer hours.
  3. The number of feeds may go down though.

What you can do to boost her development

  1. With her senses developing, she may cry out of boredom or over stimulation.
  2. Place rattles, crinkly toy, and different textures in her hands for her to explore.
  3. Shake a rattle out of line of vision; she will move her head/eyes looking for it.
  4. Continue to talk, read, and respond to the baby—whisper, sing, go silly.

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