Fats and Sugars: A Combination Your Child should Avoid

Are you struggling hard to shed off your child’s weight? You are not getting the results even after putting the child on low fat diet. If it is, check on the fat-sugar fusion of the entire meal.

Food combination itself speaks how healthy you are eating. The combinations of fat and sugar have been used in distinct meals from time initial to add palatability of the food. But, do you know a small meal of such combination is rich in calories. So, mindful cooking combination is needed.

Numerous studies have found that combining sugar-sweetened beverages and food rich in fat is the biggest link to childhood obesity. Have a check if you often say yes to your children for meals like Cheese burger, fries, Packet full of wafers combining with aerated or carbonated drinks.

Why the fusion of Fat and sugar is unhealthy?

The extra load of calorie from fat (has maximum calories i.e. 9 kcal/ml) and from sugar (simple carbohydrate, 4 kcal/gm) settles down in the body. Over the time it turns into stubborn fat. This Intramuscular fat is difficult to get rid of because of its hidden nature as it is spread within the muscles of your body. 

How you can discourage such fusion

  • Limit colas and other aerated drinks. Fresh seasonal fruits, Juice and home-made smoothie are wise to feed.
  • Avoid much oil and butter as a cooking medium and choose for Moist heat cooking methods.
  • Reduce your children’s sedentary time and encourage them for some physical activity of their interest.
  • Check if your child is habituated for a particular food item and that too, which is loaded with calories. Give the best alternative by keeping taste and palatability in mind.

What preventive measures parents take to discourage such cooking fusion for child

  • Remove calories rich temptations. Encourage child to eat Dark Chocolate rather than giving them chocolates loaded with fats and sugar.
  • Replace full fat dairy products with low fat or toned dairy food items.
  • Serve reasonably sized food portions. Use small serving crockeries.
  • Thumbs up for lean meats, poultry, fish, lentils and soya for protein.
  • Balancing calories intake is the best way. Motivate your child for workout so that extra calories can be shed off.
Check your children’s weight Obese children are at risk for a number of conditions, including obesity, altered lipid profile, early heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic syndromes. Restriction in diet is required but, good combination of food and correct cooking practice is the key to healthy living!
Wake up before this deadly combination wreak havoc on your children’s health!

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