The secret health benefits of mushrooms in your kids’ diet

The mysterious underground kingdom of mushrooms and its integration into various food and drinks product has gained a lot of attraction. Shrooms have been accepted as a new wellness vogue!

Mushrooms are categorised as low calorie, low fat food, packed with B vitamins. They also have modest amount of macro vitamins like Zinc, Copper and Potassium.

Apart from its nutritive qualities, the extensive researches done on Mushroom varietals proved the healing powers of Shrooms and their use for the treatments of anxiety, depression and addiction. 

The species like reishi, cordyceps, and chaga are the most adorned varieties of mushrooms. These are being used to make powders, lattes, cocoas, chocolate and tea.  Food developers are planning to infuse them in all kinds of food stuffs one can imagine.

What led Mushroom to become a global pick?

1. Mushrooms, apart from being just a vegetable, have been identified as a food with various medicinal properties.  They have been used to make different anticancer drugs. 

2. One of its species, Psilocybin mushroom is considered as magic health mushroom. It has a long history of use for spiritual and religious rituals as well.

3. Shrooms are also used widely to treat ailments and disorders including cluster headaches, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

4. It has already gained attention for being used as an Antioxidant. Tremella mushrooms are known for their antioxidant and deep hydrating benefits.

5. The presence of anti-ageing agent ergothioneine and glutathione in Mushroom protects us against cancer, coronary heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. 

6. Researchers speculate that countries where mushrooms are consumed largely like Italy and France, have much lower rates of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s than others countries.

Why you should pick shrooms for your children?

1. Vitamin Booster

Active Health Mushrooms are available in the market with a 100% daily dose of Vitamin D and vitamin B5. This makes mushroom amongst other vegetables a perfect pick for the children of growing age.

2. Vegan food substitute

For strict vegans, mushroom protein supplement is now available in the market. This can boost your daily dose of protein in the family.

3. As a nootropic supplement

Mushroom drinks are selling like a hot cake now. This is a caffeinated alternative for the breakfast skippers. This is packed with vitamin and, brain-enhancing nootropic supplement.

4. Stress buster food

Mushroom varieties like reishi and chaga are known to have stress fighting agents. Such shrooms are being infused and brewed into various food and drinks.

5. Skin food

Chaga mushroom is a natural antioxidant and anti-irritant. Presence of zinc and melanin in it helps repair skin cells and eliminates free radicals that cause wrinkles. Another variety, cordyceps shrooms is known for creating cellular energy necessary for the skin’s protective barrier.

Future of umbrella food

More experimentation for magical Mushroom wellness is underway. Designers and developers are evaluating other uses of mushrooms than as a food. Countries are making Eco-friendly clothing out of this magical fungus and also working on how mushrooms could create the light, biodegradable homes of our future.

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