Game: Identify It

Complexity Level : Moderate

Playing Time : 10-15 minutes

Learning Impact

  1. Cognitive skill development
  2. Attention and Focus building skills
  3. Comprehension and Communication skills

Materials Needed

  1. Provided below (Hints to identify the names of any personality, historical place, daily life object, etc.)

How to do it

  1. In this quiz-like game, your child will have to guess the final answer from the hint sentences that are provided.
  2. These hints are divided into different categories, namely – person, place and object.
  3. Ask your child to pick one category from the three given categories.
  4. Pick up one example and begin reading out one sentence after another to your child.
  5. The sentences are arranged in decreasing order of difficulty.
  6. Using these sentences as hints, she has to answer the name of the person, place, or object that is being described.
  7. If she is unable to guess it even after all the sentences are read out, reveal the right answer to her.
  8. After she has guessed this rightly (or has been revealed by you), move on to another example.


Sample Instructions:

These are best suited for 8 – 10 year old children.

Identify the Person

Example 1:

I am a retired cricket player; Born in Bombay, India; I am a right handed batsman and bowler; I have scored one hundred international centuries; I am the first Indian batsman to score a double century in an ODI; Bagged World cup with my team in 2011. Answer is Sachin Tendulkar

Example 2:

I am one of the leaders of Indian independence movement; Born & brought up Gujrat; I have studied Law & practiced as a lawyer in South Africa; I pioneered India’s handloom industry with a yarn hand-spun on a charkha; I am popularly known as Father of the Nation or Bapu; You can find my picture on the Indian currency. Correct answer is M.K. Gandhi, or Mahatma Gandhi.

Example 3:

I am an Italian explorer; I am a navigator who tried to explore places via sea route; I formulated plans to discover sea route to East Indies; I completed four long sea voyages for discovering route to East Indies; Name of my three ships are the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria; Finally I became the discoverer of route to America. Answer is Christopher Columbus.

Identify the Place

Example 4:

I am a tomb with one of the finest architectures in the world; My body is of white marble; My name means Crown of Palaces; I am one of the 7 wonders of the world; I am designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site; I am situated on the bank of a popular Indian river Yamuna; Made in the loving memory of a great Mughal emperor’s wife. Answer – Taj Mahal.

Example 5:

I am a state situated in the north-western part of India; I am comprised of a wide desert land popularly known as the Great Indian Desert; I am a popular tourist spot; I have witnessed many royal wars & I have a history of my own; I am comprised of many historic & royal Rajput forts; My name in English means the Land of Kings. Answer – Rajasthan.

Example 6:

I am a country considered as one of the ancient civilizations of the world; I have rich heritage of flourishing art, culture, science, agriculture & urbanization;  Alexander the Great of Greece conquered me in 332 BC; I am popularly known as the Land of Pharaoh & the Land of Pyramid; Many horror movies have been made based on my conceptual tradition of Mummy. Answer – Egypt.

Identify the Object

Example 7:

I am green vegetable that falls under the category of Leaf or Saag; I am mostly found in winter season; I am one of the richest sources of vitamins; When cooked with Paneer I am a healthy delicious meal to have with Roti or Paratha. Answer – Palak or Spinach.

Example 8:

I am flower; I am vibrant yellow in colour; I am a healthy source of food to give you vegetable oil; I follow the movement of the sun across the sky from east to west; I am the national flower of Ukraine; My name starts with light and energy ‘SUN’. Answer – Sunflower.

Example 9:

I am a green living object with root, stem, trunk & branches; I can be of different species or types; I am very useful & can give you material for making your household furniture; I play a significant role in moderating climate & balancing the environment; I am responsible for the most important process called Photosynthesis; I am also capable of giving you edible things like fruits. Answer – Tree.


  1. Appreciate your child when she is able to answer. This also gives you an idea of what category your child is most familiar with.
  2. Observe her attention, interest in completing the game. Observe the time taken by her to answer.

Benefits for the child

  1. Helps the child in vocabulary development
  2. Organized thinking, reasoning and analysis are outcomes of this game

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