Keep A Track Of Your Baby’s Growth Through Her Diapers

Parenthood can bring in lots of excitement as well as apprehension for the new parents, who often worry about the baby’s growth and her ability to achieve the milestones in time. Milestones can be defined as development trackers which ensure the baby’s growth and development is in synchronisation to her age. In this particular blog, I am going to pen down the feed development of a month old infant.

A month’s time is reasonably critical to observe the baby’s growth and development. On an average, baby’s weight at birth is 2.4-2.6 kgs (5.29-5.5 lbs.).

Below mentioned pointers will help you to understand whether your tiny tot is able to achieve all the milestones in the expected period or not. However, remember that, just like every child is different, milestones achieved by them can not be compared either. Milestones are merely to get an idea about the development. Do not treat them as an impulse or pressure.

A significant increase in the frequency of peeing

An infant is supposed to be breastfed exclusively and the best marker to determine the development is that the frequency of peeing should go up. A healthy, well-fed baby can pee up to 6-7 times a day. It can act as a valuable tracker to determine the weight gain and development of an infant.

Encourage feeding colostrum to boost baby’s growth

Colostrum is the first supply of concentrated milk. It is a rich source of essential nutrients and important antibodies which help in strengthening the baby’s immune responses. Do not go wth the common myth about discarding colostrum.

Understanding infant demands for feeds

An infant should be fed anywhere between 8-12 hours a day. However, the numbers might broadly vary depending on other factors.

Quality of sound sleep rockets

An underfed infant is often grouchy and gets insufficient sleep, as compared to a well fed infant. Lack of sleep will result in compromised . Remember, sound sleep is crucial for the baby’s growth at this stage.

An exclusively breast fed one-month-old infant progresses as a happy baby with great physical strength and mental potentials in future. It can sky rocket baby’s immune response, keeping chronic illness at bay in future. Remember, ‘Breast milk is the best gift you can give your child’.

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