Know Body Parts Activity for Baby Development at 0-3 months

At 0-3 months it is but natural to assume that possibly all that your precious baby is doing is eating and sleeping as part of baby development. But that’s not the case. Your baby is picking up so many stimuli from his environment and building his own database of information that will eventually come handy when it comes to basic life skills such as talking, moving around, or assessing situations and giving appropriate reactions to them.

Communication or language skills is also something the baby is working on though it may not seem so. She is picking up sounds and words from her environment and will be eager to use them in future.

Baby development vis a vis speech and language skills at 0-3 months

At 0-3 months, speech and language wise there is very little output your baby will give, besides the crying. But the inputs she is taking in are tremendous. She is not only hearing and absorbing sounds, but also learning to communicate non-verbally and through baby talk. Her communication for a demand will be very much limited to crying or whining.

From trying to grab your attention through wailing, to involuntary smiles, the baby is learning many modes of communication. She will be making cooing sounds, babbling, gurgling when happy and satisfied and giving short, sharp shrieks when in need.

Her pattern of crying will also vary and become identifiable. An immediate demand for attention, for feed or diaper change, will be more loud and insistent, whereas a demand to be picked up, and comforted a slow incessant whining.

Since the little one has by now learnt to identify familiar faces and is uncontrollably in love with you she will be watching you very closely as her first teacher. She will pick up maximum cues on language from you. So, why not make the most of it. Spend some loving time together while teaching your kid too so that she meets her baby development milestones?

Our easy, fun activity, of identifying body parts requires no expensive toys and can be done for 5-10 minutes anytime during the day when both mom and the baby are available.

Objective of Know your Body Parts Activity as part of baby development:

This simple, playful activity is done with the objective of helping your little one achieve her communication milestones. It is ideal as part of 3 months old baby activities. It is aimed at
1. adding more sounds and words to your baby’s vocabulary.
2. Building self awareness in her about her body

With so many advantages, we are eager to see you kick off, literally, this small, fun, simple activity with your child. It is not only a great bonding experience but also doesn’t require much effort, equipment, time or effort.

Impact of Know Your Body Parts on the developmental milestones of a 0-3 months old child:

The most obvious impact of Know Your Body Parts activity is to add words to the baby’s dictionary and help her identify and name her own limbs. This not only is essential for her communication skills but also a part of developing cognitive skills.

Benefits for child:

The benefits of this simple exercise is manifold. It helps in

  • Increasing awareness of the baby vis-a-vis her body parts.
  • Add words and sounds to the baby’s vocabulary to build her language skills.

How to do Know Your Body activity

Before starting on this activity, read the steps very carefully.

  1. Sit comfortably on the bed.
  2. Lay the baby as well ensuring she is comfortable.
  3. With a bit of any organic oil, massage the baby’s body, starting from the limbs.
  4. When massaging the baby’s body, name the body parts for example: “We are now going to apply oil on your hands”, stressing out the word hand.
  5. Lift the hand slightly to emphasize it further.
  6. Go all over the baby’s body mouthing and speaking out the body parts slowly and gradually.
  7. Once done, now pooint out your own eyes, hands, nose, mouth, ears etc for the baby.
  8. Let her touch them to re-emphasize.
  9. Repeat the activity few times.
  10. Observe the child. Do the activity only till you have the baby’s attention. Id she starts becoming fussy or lose interest, discontinue.

Note to keep in mind while performing Know your Body Parts activity:

1. Avoid the activity if child shows any discomfort or if she is fussy, crying or not liking it.
2. The activity of naming the body parts should be down slowly with emphasis on the main keywords.

Do share your feedback with us, in the comments section, on the activity and how it benefits your baby.

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