Baby development milestones at 4 months

Look momma, I can understand a lot now! That’s right, your 4 month old can take a lot of stuff from the environment now. Until 3 months you will see some baby milestones in progressing phase and some others at the verge of termination.

4 Pillars To Building Trust In Your Toddler

Have you noticed a parent yelling at a toddler? Most often the reaction of the toddler is just to cry and run back to the parent. This very observation stems from a natural close-knit parent-child bond. A child builds a level of trust and

Diet watch-outs for breastfeeding moms

Pregnancy comes with a long list of things of dos and don'ts, but breastfeeding diet is not as stringent. Basically, you require a healthy diet with increased calorie intake. You have to listen to your body cues to make little adjustments.

7 Common Types of Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities are not low in intelligence or motivation. Their brains, being wired differently, they see, hear, and understand things in their own way. This difference affects how they receive and process information

How Lawn Mower Parenting Can Affect Your Kid

‘She really struggles sitting in that angle in class. The board is not conveniently visible to her. Can something please be done about it?’ complains a parent of a 13-year-old to the class teacher, while the daughter sits beside her,

Unique Indian Baby Names Trends in 2019

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare Your little bundle of joy will smell sweet forever to you, no matter what you call her. But that doesn’t stop you from

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