Simple Guidance for You in Winter Blues

Winter has already set in. Frigid weather, lack of sunshine, sad light, and a feeling of being cooped up inside makes you sluggish and hit you with symptoms of winter blues leaving you feeling sad. It can take a toll on the mental health of parents where symptoms like fatigue, disinterest, hopelessness, anxiety, decreased energy, irritability etc may overpower them sometimes leading to seasonal affective disorder particularly noticeable in the winter season.

This seasonal depression marks attitude related changes. Researchers have confirmed that winter leads the brain to produce less serotonin, a chemical linked to brain pathways that regulates mood and sleep. Thus, small lifestyle changes, good diet and, self motivation will altogether help to fight against the winter blues.

 Women are more likely to suffer from the symptoms of seasonal depression than men

Here are the 5 effective ways to combat the dip in energy levels and deal with this sadness in winter :

1. Treat yourself better to drive away winter blues

Bring a spark in your energy levels by taking good care of yourself. Maintain these 5 rules throughout the winter:

  • Maintain good skin care regimen 
  • Stay hydrated and maintain balanced nutrition
  •  Maintain personal hygiene
  •  Take a shower every day. New research says cold shower might have anti-depressive effects. So do not hesitate to turn the water to cold for a few minutes after a regular shower
  • Get involved in different activities. Regular exercises and activities will definitely boost your energy level and keep the sadness away
  • Do share with your family and friends what lifestyle modifications you’ve made.

2. Consume serotonin-boosting diet

Even if you wake up early, the wrong selection of food in your routine diet will not help you feel active or drive away the seasonal depression. You need to include brain food in diet. Eat and feed foods which raise the serotonin levels. Going seasonal is again a healthy and wise choice.

Food sources to step up serotonin levels are:

  • Eggs
  • Pineapple
  • Tofu
  • Nuts 
  • A  diet rich in fibre. So, include seasonal vegetables and fruits in your routine.

3. Kickboxing workshop

This momentum fitness activity may rejuvenate you and effectively drive away the sadness. Also, the advantage of self defence will add on your talent as well, especially a yoyo for all working mothers as parents.

4. Take a walk in the sunshine to step up your Vitamin D levels

The cold weather and lack of sunbeams peeking through your window makes you lazy to get out of bed. But a little modification in your routine will break your lethargy. So, walk everyday and gain Vitamin D from sunshine and make your bones stronger.

Think of the positive things you are going to get with a small walk in the sunshine and do share your positive thoughts and its outcome with loved ones.

Stay hydrated and you’ll feel better during winter as it makes you more energetic, maintains clarity of your mind and keeps your body functions normal

5. Engage in family outdoor activities

Participation in family activities will add on the happiness index that naturally helps the energy levels to soar high and reduces the feeling of sadness by a couple of notches. 

Besides this, spending time with your family, playing board games when indoor, engaging in some creative activities such as painting, craft, needlework or even cooking, can keep your mind engaged and make you feel fulfilled keeping you away from winter blues. We would love to hear more from you on this.

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