15 Playful activities to stimulate your baby’s development


The milestones found in a 1-month-old baby are unanimous. There might not be any particular way of watching the milestones develop as they are tiny enough to show any reaction. But certain body language helps to identify these emotions they develop. And these reactions should be encouraged to grow as much as possible through various activities for future developmental milestones to get started at the right age.

There are many activities in which parents can help boost these milestones at home only with some simple tricks. Communication is the best possible way one can adapt to enhance the milestones in babies. It develops the cognitive skills.

Activities to stimulate your baby’s development

  1. Talk to the child as much as possible in any silly way you can, observe the response of the child. This activity will make her familiar with sound and language.
  2. Make funny faces. It improves analytical skills.
  3. Lip sink with the child, whenever she produces any sound.
  4. Toys attract most babies. So, show soft toys, the big bunny, dogs, etc.
  5. Rattle toys to make sounds are also some mediums.
  6. Make sound near, a little distance away from the baby to stimulate her to move her head towards the sound. Such activities will improve her motor skills.
  7. Hugging the child more often helps connect with the mother.
  8. Stroke gently on palm, feet, so that the baby moves away or flexes her leg and arm in response to the stimulus. This results in enhancing the reflexes.
  9. Maintain eye contact with her, blink your eyes, call her with a name.
  10. Encourage leg and hand movement, passively while doing massage.
  11. Show her bright light, bright pictures, but should not focus directly on the eyes.
  12. Play slow music near her, which will improve the vestibular system.
  13. Take her to the balcony or any open space. But not much frequently. Let her experience nature.
  14. You can also put her in tummy down position, during a massage or burping to help her improve the motor functions.
  15. Sing rhymes in front of her with actions and movements to attract her attention and focus.

Parents can perform these activities every day , but take note of not irritating the child and let her sleep more often.

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