5 Playful Activities To Reduce Your Kid’s Screen Time This Summer

‘Her eyes are going to spoil if it continues this way, but she’ll never listen to me’ is a common concern that we hear from many parents when they approach for help regarding limiting the screen time of their kids. During this summer break, are you struggling to keep your child away from the digital media?

Here are a few activities you could try with your eight year old to keep her effectively engaged, avoiding screen time. These activities throw light on essential life skills that will equip your child with a necessary skill set for her age.

Spelldown :

Give your child three random words and ask her to frame a sentence with all the three words in it. It improves your child’s effective communication skills.

Connect me :

Give your child two random words. She will need to connect one word to another using connecting words.
For, eg. Lamp and bottle: lamp, light, bulb, glass, bottle.
This will improve your child’s Creative thinking skills

Pick a chit:

Make a list of tasks that your child can do at home. Let each task not exceed 15 minutes. These tasks must be ones that help her focus on responsible actions at home. She could pick a chit every day and complete the tasks for the day.

This activity enables responsibility and decision making skills

Problem Talk:

Provide for your child problem statements, one at a time. For each statement, she will have to answer :
If the problem could talk, it would say…
If the problem could think, it would realize…
If the problem could hear, it would understand…
If the problem could create something, it would be…

This activity enables developing empathy in problem-solving.

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