8 Outstanding Ideas to Motivate Your Gifted Child to Succeed


It is a blessing to have a child and a gifted one at that makes it more precious. But if her gifts are not recognized or given the right channels to blossom, they can sometimes get lost and you may be left wondering why my gifted child is lazy. It is therefore important to motivate your lazy gifted child so that she can succeed.

As your gifted child may demonstrate an enormous amount of unique qualities, which are greatly identifiable after she attains 5 years of age, it is very exciting and equally challenging to keep your child motivated towards certain goal. Your gifted child may loose interest easily and hence it will be upto you how to motivate your smart, lazy kid. For instance, she may often find things easy to do or below her level of processing or complete tasks in no time. Hence, lack of novelty in work or not-so-challenging environment (as per your child’s perception) may bring down her morale and make things boring for her resulting in a quick loss of interest.

Therefore, practice these steps to motivate your gifted child and to encourage her to achieve success:

1. Offer New Challenges:

Be ready with an extra set of related and more challenging tasks. If you find your child is completing assignments given to her real fast, provide her new, harder challenges. 

2. Make Daily Tasks Interesting:

Try to turn everyday chores and home works into interesting games / activities for her to shun monotony. For example, try putting a science lesson she has just finished into an experiment zone. Ask her to make a project to explain a concept or try to find logic behind certain routine phenomenons that she observes. Through a series of fun experiments you can motivate your gifted child to think harder.

3. Explore Areas of Interests: 

Know and nurture your lazy gifted child’s interest areas, often, with positive rewards. Encourage her curiosity by asking questions on subjects that interest her and showing eagerness to listen to her. Take her to places that can make her curious. Like if your child loves plants, take her to the botanical garden and introduce new plants to her. She will love to learn more and will keep on asking questions–a great way to motivate your gifted child. 

4. Expose Her to New Ideas:

Give your child exposure to new activities, ideas and environments that stimulates her gifts / talent. Maybe playing chess is her real talent but you’ve not introduce the game to her yet. 

5. Prioritize Tasks:

Always focus on task prioritization by creating short-term goals for your child, and reward her positively when the goal is achieved successfully.

To let your gifted child blossom, allow her more freedom to choose her own friends, make decisions, and encourage creative interests and activities

6. Time Management and Appreciation:

Guide your child with time management, and praise her efforts to stimulate her talents. Remember to praise her special skills instead of saying constantly that she is the best. “The way you solved this so fast, was absolutely amazing” is better than “ you are so smart !” It is important to motivate lazy gifted students.

7. Give Responsibilities:

Empower your child with responsibilities. Allow her to make decisions in certain things. Your gifted child will always love to take charge of things that challenges her and gives her opportunity to showcase her abilities.

8. Correlate Her Interests with Boring School Tasks:

Try to establish a connection between school works and other related interest domains of your child to make learnings effective for her and not let her be a gifted underachiever. 

Besides, be in close touch with your child’s educators. Try to know more about the specialized strategies used by experts to help gifted children grow and succeed. Acceleration, pull-out programming, flexible ability grouping, etc. are few of the techniques of teaching a gifted child; gaining insight about these strategies and discussing them with your child’s educators will be beneficial for your child. Together they will guide you on strategies for underachieving, gifted students.

Tell us how do you turn your kid’s learning activity a mere adventure for her.



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