About Us

Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by a millennial parent, HAPPYDNA was conceived, in 2016, with the intent of not just making the journey of parenting fulfilling for the parents, but also help them do more for their child. We intend to bring authenticated solutions to everyday parenting concerns, to the doorstep of the parent, and be that proverbial confidant to whom a parent can confidently turn to each time she has a worry.

Some facts to consider:

  • Almost 14% children globally cannot reach development milestones, and this percentage is  increasing every year.
  • 58% Indian parents say there is too much information on parenting and that does not necessarily help them.

So where do we come in?

We support parents by providing them with complete assistance through our proprietary PARC model, keeping in mind the age bracket and life events that a child goes through. This model engages parents in an omni-channel care method that includes  –

  • An interactive, activity-based parenting app that has relevant blogs, tips, videos, expert inputs and more to help parents achieve development milestones for their child.
  • Preschools-based preventive curriculum, to bring complete care for your child. This includes sessions conducted by renowned  industry experts on parent education, child development, child nutrition etc.
  • Special focus on developmental milestones and tracking the same through blogs and expert interaction so that no child is left behind.
  • Structure Early Development Program (EDP)Parent Education Program (PEP) and Student Engagement Program (SEP) each formulated by industry experts including  Paediatricians, Child Psychologist, Parenting Coach and Child Nutrition Experts.

With all content written and curated by doctors, nutritionists, child psychologists, fitness experts and other childcare specialists, we assure you that the information we give out is verified and reliable. We bring not only insightful blogs but also timely advice, from our experts, on HAPPYDNA website, app and Social Media channels towards parents’ queries shared with us.

Our preventive childcare curriculum is based on WHO guidelines and is developed by childcare experts and doctors with cumulative experience of 250+ years.

With a team of  IIT/IIM graduates at the helm of management, HAPPYDNA has  a vision to ensure complete development for your child, focusing on early growth  stages up to 6 years. This being most crucial years of development in a child, we ensure every development need is fulfilled in our platform through our various activity-based models. .

On the digital front, with 5000+ App downloads, 21,500+ impacted parents and 100+ experts, HAPPYDNA is one of the fastest-growing parent-and-expert network that brings highly personalized childcare to the parent in a safe, secure environment. We maintain highest level of online checks to safeguard our parent members’ interests and privacy thereby making them feel more comfortable and confident.

We are proud to announce that we have received enormous appreciation from the industry as well even in our initial years. HAPPYDNA was selected among top 25 startups for the ISB Pre-accelerator bootcamp this year, along with being selected for ET Power of Ideas 2017Wharton India Economic Forum Startup challenge.


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