Mirror Me Activity for Speech and Language Development at 0-3 months

Having delivered a baby very recently, your hands must be undoubtedly full with feeding, baby care and your own looking after to really focus on her speech and language developmen. Amongst all this, sometimes the joy of parenting gets lost and it starts to seem more of a stress. And if someone were to tell you that you also need to work on your baby’s milestone development, that would be asking for too much, right?

But the fact is that baby’s as small as 0-3 months, do need some prompting to boost their milestone development, be it motor or speech and language. But let’s not make it a chore. Instead happydna’s expert team brings to you a great fun activity, where you can spend some quality time with the baby all the while working on his milestones as well.

Baby development vis a vis speech and language at 0-3 months

Between 0-3 months your baby’s communication skills undergo rapid changes. From crying for diaper to nappy change, closer to 3 months, she is capable of a whole new set of sounds and expressions. She can display pleasure, anger, discomfort etc all very well. Some changes you will notice are:

  1. the tone of their crying changes from high-pitched wailing to more deeper cries. Gradually she will also have different cries for feeding versus a demand to be held or change of scenery.
  2. By 7-8 weeks she will be able to make simple cooing noises which can indicate pleasure.
  3. You will notice that she will very keenly observe you when you talk to her as if trying to comprehend what you are saying, which is exactly what is happening in her little brain.
  4. Gradually she will also follow this with little sounds of her own…her response to your words.
  5. She will also turn her head towards different sounds.

Objective of Mirror Me Activity:

Since your baby is so receptive to the sounds in her environment, it is the time to provide her with the right stimulation. But we are not asking for any investments in terms of fancy toys or equipment of huge-time guzzling activities. We want just you and a happy baby and 5-10 minutes of your day, everyday. Sounds simple, right?

This simple, playful activity is done with the objective of helping your little one achieve her speech and language milestones. It is ideal as a part of 0-3 months baby activities. It is aimed at
1. improving communication abilities of your little one through effective stimulus
2. To let the child understand sounds better.
3.To interact with the child so that her communication and language skills also get boosted simultaneously.
4. To help the child use her mouth, lips, and tongue to make sounds and thereby better better control of them.

With so many benefits, let’s start off this small, fun, simple activity with your child. It is not only a great bonding experience but also doesn’t require much effort, equipment, time or effort.

Impact of Mirror Me Activity on the speech and language development of a 0-3 months old child:

The most major impact of Mirror Me is that it helps the baby develop a large base of different sounds which form the premise for language development later on.

Benefits for child:

The benefits of this simple exercise are many. By helping your baby master a range of sounds, it is the foundation for articulate speech later on.

  • Promote understanding of sounds: When the baby observes you keenly making different sounds and noises, she intrinsically adds a host of them to her own library.
  • Promotes making sounds: Simple baby sounds–goo, gaa, baa, coo etc–though seem very cute, have great significance. These sounds are what will help her form words later on.

How to do Mirror Me activity

Before starting on this activity, read the steps very carefully.

  1. Sit down comfortably on the bed. Place your baby on the bed too with the head slightly propped up so that she can see you properly.
  2. Ensure the baby is not in any discomfort and has your full attention.
  3. Now, tickle the baby gently on her feet to elicit a response from her.
  4. Observe baby’s response.She will make some gurgling or cooing sounds. Copy them and repeat them to the baby.
  5. This will encourage her to make more sounds. Repeat them after her.
  6. Gently tickle your baby on her stomach now. She will again make some sounds.
  7. Observe your baby and this time around speak out words from the original sound she made. For eg: if she says coo, make it into COOK, with emphasiz on “C”.
  8. Repeat the activity few times.

Note to keep in mind while performing Mirror Me activity:

1. Stop the activity when the child starts to get bored. She will show it through fussiness, or lack of interest in what you are saying.
2. Ensure your baby has had her feed and is in fresh diaper before your start the activity. A cranky baby will frustrate you and make the activity no-good.

Do share your feedback with us, in the comments section, on the activity and how it benefits your baby.

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