Flex on activity to improve motor development in children (0-3 months)


The journey of parenting, however much joyous, comes with its set of responsibilities. Once you become a parent, besides your own self, there is another little one to take care of and nurture. A baby demands not only love but also physical attention and exercise, mental stimulation, boosting od milestones including motor development in children and a very secure environment. And you would be surprised to know, but the baby has already been preparing for her coming out in the world, even when she was comfortably nestled in your womb.

Do you remember when did your little one kick you the first time around? It would be between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. By this time, the baby is already shifting around in your tummy and sometimes even throwing her arms and legs.

And so, it should not come as a surprise to you if we were to tell you that you will have to continue providing the baby with her bit of exercise even after being born to sustain baby development. The baby will need somewhat movement of arms and legs, with your assistance, to learn about her own body and its movements. Our Flex on activity achieves not only that but also strengthens your baby’s arms and legs so that she can achieve her milestones faster and in a healthier way.  It is a part of sun 3 months old baby activities.

The foetus makes its first movements as early as 16 to 25 weeks of pregnancy. First time moms will possibly notice the movement closer to 25 weeks whereas more experienced moms will know the movement right away.

Objectives of Flex On activity to boost motor development in children:

A very simple activity, flex on activity, developed by experts at HAPPYDNA is meant to help your baby achieve her developmental milestones related to gross motor skills. But what we love about it is the fact that it requires no fancy equipment, is simple, fun and can be done anytime and almost everywhere. The main objective behind this 3 months old baby activities is

  1. The child will be able to explore different body movements that are important for baby development.
  2. The different movements strengthen the babies arms and leg muscles.
  3. It can be done anytime and almost everywhere, making it a great bonding activity for the parent and the child.

Impact of Flex On activity on the developmental milestone of 0-3 months old baby
Development of Motor Skills

This simple, fun-filled activity has far-reaching benefits for your little one. It teaches your

  • baby to move her limbs.
  • it helps the child achieve her gross motor skill related developmental milestone
  • makes the limbs muscles stronger and more supple–essential for better baby development.
  • during the activity, when you bond with your baby, you can talk to sing to the child thereby stimulating her cognitive senses as well.

Benefits for the Child

Though initially you may feel that this is a very simple activity but the benefits accruing from it are mani-fold. This simple 3 month old baby activities makes the babies limbs open up, it strengthens her muscles, and she becomes more acutely aware of how she can use her limbs. This is all a precursor to eventually moving and walking. It is an important gross motor skill milestone for the baby to achieve.

How to do Flex on Activity to boost motor development in children

Before you start the activity, we suggest you read the below instructions properly and watch the video as well. This will safeguard you and your baby from any injuries.

  1. Let the child be in the supine position (lying on her back).
  2. Play some kid-friendly music in the background taking care not to keep the gadget too close to her. Observe her responses (she may exhibit some reflexes).
  3. Hold the hands of your child gently.
  4. Move her hands up and down (stretching apart from proximity zone and again bringing close to chest /mid-line).
  5. Observe her responses.
  6. Now hold both the legs gently.
  7. Gently flex her legs to mimic bicycle movements.
  8. Observe your baby’s response.
  9. Keep communicating with your baby throughout the activity.
  10. Repeat the steps 2-3 times, unless baby starts showing any discomfort.

Note to keep in mind while doing Flex On activity with your kid:

To start with ensure you and your baby are both in a good mood. The baby should have been fed sometime back, in a fresh diaper and free of any disturbance. You should also not be in a hurry but in a state of mind where you will enjoy this bond with your baby. Do not immediately feed the baby and start the activity since it may lead to the child vomiting milk. Also, avoid the activity if the child is discomforted in any way or shows signs of fussiness or is cranky.

Do share with us in the comments how you and your baby enjoyed doing flex on.

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