Beware of the Whale


Online games have always been a threat to the mental health to our children, But we are not here to talk about candy crush saga where all you need to do is swipe to score high. Something far more dangerous has been introduced to us, something not intimidating, something which is not just a game, but a threat to your child’s life, an evil called BLUE WHALE challenge,  if you have gifted your child a gadget recently, this is for you and you should read this through.

Who am I?

You can call me a game, or a killer or suicide trap, you can also call me the deep desire of your child trying to feel different than what they feel now, you can also call me the result of unwillingness to accept the changes happening in your child, which they want to talk about but are afraid of doing so. They are so much afraid of your reaction that they are finding self-hurt easier than confessing to and disappointing you. I can also be your Child’s unawareness about him/her thoughts, beliefs, ideas of themselves and how they “should” be.

Am I influencing?

Yes, I killed almost 130 teenagers, around the globe and I recently killed 2 teenagers in India last month. Though minister of Electronics and IT is trying to protect you by passing an order to all the major sites like Google, yahoo, instagram, whatsapp to remove my links dated on 15th august but I can change my mask and reappear in any other form.

Why am I so powerful?

Because you are weak in communicating with your child to such an extent that I can make them do what I want to, sitting behind the screen.

What is the antidote?

You the grownups, yes you who are reading about me right now, you are the antidote to protect your child from me, and you will do this by enlightening  a teenager around you by getting them to  know about the changes happening in them and by telling this to yourself  and them “CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE BEGIN BY MAKING CHANGES IN YOU”.

Physical change

  • An average range of male experience height spurt, penis growth, first ejaculation and pubic hair starting from the age of 12 which could differ till 18 years which is a natural process of growth.
  • An average range of female experience height spurt, breast development, onset of menstruation and public hair at the age starting from 10 years to 14years which is as natural a rising sun is.

It is important to discuss these changes with your kids as blue whale feeds on the low self esteem and self doubt which is evident in children of that age group and the game affects their minds by sending audios that states that they are useless, says the report.

Cognitive development

  • Research says that these are the categories being on priority for most of high school students

What makes high school girls high in status among peers.

  1. grades and intelligence
  2. participation in sports
  3. general sociability
  4. physical attractiveness
  5. clothes

What makes high school boys high in status among peers.

  1. Participation in sports
  2. Grades/intelligence
  3. Popularity with girls
  4. General sociability
  5. Car

In this quest for self identity, they are more likely to fall prey to such killer games like BLUE WHALE. Although it is very difficult to find out whether they are vulnerable to such life threatening entities that we have never dealt with before, there are so many triggers that might help check their psychological health.

  • Identification with drug culture
  1. Drug related slogans on clothes
  2. Conversation or jokes that involves drugs
  • Signs of physical deterioration
  1. Unhealthy appearance, indifference to hygiene and grooming
  2. Bloodshot eyes or tardiness
  • Dramatic changes in school performance
  1. Increased absenteeism or tardiness
  • Changes in behavior
  1. Lying, stealing, cheating
  2. Changes in friends, evasiveness in talking about new ones
  3. Increase and inappropriate behavior, anger, hostility, irritability and secretiveness

Psychological difficulties

  • Between 25 and 40 percent of girls and 20 to 35 percent of boys, experience occasional episodes of depression during adolescence.
  • The reasons stated are seen as the major cause for depression, first one having highest probability followed by less probability.

Family problems, peer relationships, self esteem, just to talk, drugs and alcohol, abuse, sexuality, school problems, death, mental illness, spirituality, pregnancy, eating disorder and AIDS.

Speakers point of view.

  • Time to WAKE UP, This is just the beginning of technology taking over.
  • Encourage them to play outdoor games that they enjoy playing and not pressurize them always to do what is needed to score high or be the best, never make them feel humiliated if they don’t perform well in class.
  • Maximum suicides are happening because of family problems says researches.
  • If your marriage is on the rocks and you are thinking of getting separated, please choose to take professional help “mommy won’t be able to solve this as effectively as a counseling psychologist will”.
  • Just because you have the fear of seeing them smoking or drinking, doesn’t give you a license to introduce smoking or drinking to them, I don’t think when you took your first drag or your first drink you knew this could turn out to be a habit.
  • Open your eyes and accept the fact that body shape is not associated with happiness, love or prosperity and also teach your children about a healthy body and mind.

When you forward this article also ask your friends to drop a feedback. Spread this, you never know you may end up saving one life.

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