Bounce Activity for Baby Development at 4-6 months


Congratulations! You and your baby have crossed a quarter of a year together and happily. By now your little bundle of joy would already have learnt to assert herself, get her way with you and others through her cute antics and endearing expressions. And you would be wondering what 4 month baby activities you can try at home?

Baby development vis a vis motor skills at 4-6 months

Speaking strictly, milestones wise, 4 month baby milestones would include better control of her body movements (some through natural development and some through your support). Her movements would now be less jerky, more coordinated and more purposeful.

From trying to grab at anything within her reach—which can unfortunately include your hair, earrings, or a favourite necklace–her grip and hold would have become firmer. Her hands and legs would have gained more strength enabling her to kick harder, faster, and more with a intent than by default. Her upper body is strong enough to support her torso during tummy time and for longer duration of periods. She would be trying hard to push herself down with her legs in an attempt to straighten her body out, sit up, or simple leverage herself into a more stable position. Also, since she is mastering her body fast enough, you will notice her rocking from side to side, in an attempt to roll over and succeeding at it too sometimes. So, watch out! So much so for baby development.

But one remarkable improvement in her skills would be her ability to hold her neck in a more stable way. Thus, now you can play and hold her upright without the fear of her head flopping backwards or a whiplash. She would also be able to hold her head upright, sometimes at a 90 degree angle when lying tummy down.

Since the little one has mastered control of her neck, or almost, it is the right time to invest in some skill-building activities such as bounce baby to boost baby development. Besides the boosting of milestones of your kids, we love the activity since it is simple, does not require any equipment, and can be done anywhere, anytime, and for as long as it is comfortable for you and the baby.

Objective of Bounce Baby Activity:

This simple, playful activity is done with the objective of helping your little one achieve her milestones. It is ideal as a part of 4 month baby activities. It is aimed at
1. improving strength in lower limbs in the baby
2. To let the child gain better control of her limbs
3. To interact with the child so that her communication and language skills also get boosted simultaneously.

With so many advantages, we are eager to see you kick off, literally, this small, fun, simple activity with your child. It is not only a great bonding experience but also doesn’t require much effort, equipment, time or effort.

Impact of Bounce Activity on the developmental milestones of a 4-6 months old child:

The most obvious impact of Bounce Baby activity is on the lower limbs of your baby which will eventually lead her to better development of her Motor Skills

Benefits for child:

The benefits of this simple exercise is manifold. By strengthening the baby’s legs, it will help them crawl faster and better and eventually support their walking–a major baby development milestone.

  • Promote strength in legs: The movement of the baby being lifted up and then put down will move her muscles and strengthen her legs.
  • Promote movement of lower limbs: this activity will also improve movement in her legs, a very important precursor to walking.

How to do Bounce Baby activity

Before starting on this activity, read the steps very carefully.

  1. Sit straight on a chair, with both legs joined and knees together.
  2. Hold your baby in standing position on your lap. During the activity, please check for any discomfort to the baby. You should also be sitting in a stable position.
  3. Talk to the baby as much as possible so that he is engaged with you (child will look at you , may babble too).
  4. Play some child friendly music, if required to stimulate your baby to perform this activity.
  5. Observe baby’s response (child will turn head to find out the sound source).
  6. Keep your hands under arms of the baby, providing support to her shoulders and neck.
  7. Gently lift your baby up and then down.
  8. Observe your baby (he will stretch both legs while going up and will hold weight of body on legs once he comes back to the lap).
  9. Repeat the activity few times.
  10. Observe the child (child will slowly learn to bend legs in knee portion and force back to go up, like jumping position).

Note to keep in mind while performing bounce baby activity:

1. Avoid the activity if child shows any discomfort or if she is fussy, crying or not liking it.
2. The activity of lifting up and down should be very slow to avoid any discomfort.

Do share your feedback with us, in the comments section, on the activity and how it benefits your baby.

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