Bubbles Everywhere-Fun Activity for Baby Development at 4-6 months


When it comes to parenting, especially a newborn, it is not unusual to fall into a quagmire where we start dealing with parenting as a target-chasing activity. In the desire to help our little one achieve her developmental milestones, we not only push her but also make it rigorous and stressful for our own selves, thereby taking the joy out of parenting cause of this over ambitious baby care. It is indeed a fine line to toe! But what if we were to tell you, that you can have all the fun of parenting (plus relive your own childhood delights), and yet ensure your baby development at 4 months is up to the mark and she continues to meet her developmental milestones? Sounds interesting, right?

So, keeping all the above factors in mind, here we have developed a simple, innocent, fun-filled activity with our experts–with bubbles. Why? Because we all love bubbles, we all still believe that bubbles hide that wee bit of magic in them, because they are an inexpensive entertainment, can be done outdoors or indoors, and with children of all ages! The Bubbles Everywhere activity has a two-fold agenda: help new parents of 4 months to 6 months old baby develop and boost their newborn’s Gross Motor Skills and have a hearty, family-full entertainment along the way. Give it a try to enjoy some good time with lots of giggles.

Bubbles Everywhere activity helps newborns in their baby development, develop upper body strength, encourage movement of neck in different directions and boost hand eye coordination. Some babies are able to voluntarily develop hand eye coordination, whereas some may require parents’ intervention, with adequate baby care, to boost the skill.

Objective of Bubbles Everywhere:

This simple activity is done with specific objectives in mind–that of helping the child achieve her developmental milestones. It also helps

  • To improve upper body movement of a 4-6 month old baby.
  • To develop hand-eye coordination in infants.
  • To boost visual tracking skills of your infant.
  • To give your child a sense of spatial awareness and directionality
  • To develop muscle tone as part of baby development 4 months to 6 months.

Bubbles Everywhere is an inexpensive, easy-to-do, anytime, anywhere activity. Bubbles provide motivation to your child to move. Therefore, it is a great way to boost gross motor skills of your little one.

Impact of Bubbles Everywhere on developmental milestones of 4-6 months old child:

Since the main agenda of the activity is to boost the developmental milestones of a 4-6 months old child, it particularly focusses on the development of Gross Motor Skills. In an attempt to move her head and body in the direction of the bubbles, try and stretch arms out to catch them the baby’s motor skills are improved. Also, in case where the bubble will land on some part of the child’s body, she will invariably try and reach out to it, thereby improving coordination, and grasp it, which will work wonders for her fine motor skills.

Benefits for child:

The benefits of this simple activity are manifold. It helps the

  • baby learn to voluntarily move upper part of the body.
  • baby develop hand eye co-ordination.
  • visual tracking skills of the child such as the ability to  fix, follow, track, focus, converge, diverge and so on. These skills need to develop over time.

How to do Bubbles Everywhere

Before we start on the activity, it is imperative to go through the instructions carefully.

  1. Hold your baby in an upright position. Ensure complete baby care.
  2. Try to communicate with her all the while maintaining eye contact (You can make some funny sound to entertain her).
  3. Observe the infant’s response (child will able to keep her neck steady).
  4. Now ask your partner, to sit behind the child, and blow some water bubbles from there.
  5. Lead your 4-6 month old infant’s attention towards the bubbles.
  6. Observe her response (child will stare at the bubbles).
  7. Make the child touch the bubbles.
  8. Now ask your partner to shift his position and blow bubbles from different directions and let the child move the upper part of her body to look at those bubbles.
  9. Call the child by name before blowing bubbles to grab her attention.
  10. Repeat the activity. Repeat the steps 2-3 times, till the baby starts showing signs of losing interest.

Notes to keep in mind when performing bubbles everywhere with 4-6 month old baby:

Like with any baby development activity we do with the child, here are some important notes to keep in mind. Avoid the activity if the baby is discomforted in any way. Also, choose a time when the baby is well rested and fed. Trying this, or any activity, with a fussy baby will not give desired results. So, go ahead, and all the best.

Do share your feedback with us, in the comments section, on the activity.

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