Crying baby: why does your newborn cries and how to calm her


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“How did you feel when you heard the first cry of your newborn?” For sure that is the only time when your crying baby did not induce any worry in you.

Babies are born with the reflex of crying which is a natural response to any stimuli. Crying is the first verbal expression of your baby through which she can communicate her needs or distress. It is nature’s gift to the newborns to help them get the adults to take care of her when she needs.

Reading your baby’s cry:

It is also true that new parents find it overwhelming to decode the cry of their babies. On an average a newborn baby cries two hours a day. Even though it is frustrating to see your baby crying frequently and you have no clue why, soon you’ll read her cries like a known language. 

In a few weeks time it would be easier for you to identify a distress call, which can be a high-pitched cry, a “feed me now“ sign ( short and low ), or a slow, intense and rhythmic one saying “ I’m tired” or a slow , low pitched one saying “cuddle with me mama “

Why babies cry:

There are possible reasons why your baby is crying. 

  • Hunger : You baby needs to be fed frequently. Sometimes she wants to be fed every 2/3 hours.
  • Gas or too much food: If the baby has taken too much milk, it might cause her feel uncomfortable. Sometimes gas causes pain. She can also feel uncomfortable if not burped enough after feeding. 
  • Physical discomfort : It might be caused by a wet diaper.
  • Temperature : Check if she is feeling too warm or cold.
  • Colic: One possible reason behind colic pain is that the pain induced from contraction of intestine may cause your baby to cry for hours. But this is a normal part of development. 
  • Need for sleep: Your baby needs to sleep for most part of the day. But she cannot sleep on her own. So she signals her need to rest by crying.
  • Too much of the world: Sometimes the baby gets restless with too much stimuli. Remember she has just come out of the womb which was a quiet place. Now all the sounds, lights, people, and everything around her can make her feel overwhelmed. So when your baby cries inconsolably, it might be only to shut all the stimuli for a while.

What you can to soothe your crying baby:

  1. Make sure that she is not hungry for long. When she rings the hunger alarm, feed her without delay.
  2. Check if she is breathing comfortably. Check her blanket. Make sure her fingers and toes are warm .
  3. Look if you need to change her diaper or wet cloths. 
  4. Make sure she is not too hot or cold.
  5. Do not overfeed her. 
  6. Give her a change of scenery—take her to another room or outdoors.
  7. If she has been outdoors for too long, bring her indoors to let her rest.
  8. Make sure she is not suffering any physical discomfort like some swelling, redness, twisted limbs, cold, folded earlobes, etc.
  9. Hum some songs or play soft music to comfort her.
  10. Talk to her. You voice can soothe her like a magic.
  11. Change her position and see if she feels better.
  12. Hold her close. Your newborn needs the closeness of your body. She need the familiar feelings of your voice, heartbeat, the touch of you skin, your smell and the warmth of your hug. 

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