Dealing With a Fussy Eater ? Here Is What You Can Do!

As a practicing dietician for a decade, I encounter cases in my daily practice about new mothers getting paranoid about their little fussy eaters. Caregivers often request me to help them with some enchanted tonics, which can take care of the immunity and weight of a fussy eater. Bid on prescribing multivitamin tonics, available over the counter, on prescription letterhead has become quite rampant these days.
The most common grumble I hear dealing with paediatric cases, ‘Ma’am I’m trying my level best to feed my tiny tot, but she is just not ready to take in anything, I’m losing my patience.’
As a healthcare professional, I find it incredibly significant to aid with specific strategies, by which a caregiver can conquer victory towards feeding a fussy eater. Let’s discuss the essential pointers for the caregiver for a smooth, efficient journey towards optimum nutrition.

Prompt starter –

Researches have proven that if the growing child is introduced right nutritionally balanced foods from 6th months onwards, they adapt to the food culture well and style it as their future lifestyle perspective.

Feeding can be fun: –

Toddlers are usually sensitive towards shapes and colours of the food, taste is something which they understand about much later. An eye-catching food dish will initiate the visual impression of your fussy eater to try it.

Go slow and step by step: –

Introduce one dish at a time. Providing multiple options at one go will never help the child to make healthy choices. Introduce foods in smaller portions.

Reintroducing fuss ingredient after a while: –

It is unlikely that your kid would like to have food or ingredients, not so pleasant to taste. Instead, she will have a preference. Keep the recipes, which are not on her preference list, on hold for a while. Present the food she dislikes in some other form or prepare it in a different, interesting way, before reintroducing the old recipe that she dislikes.

Eating together as a family and serving the same food to all will create a healthy atmosphere of healthy eating. tell your fussy eater how delicious the food is to create her interest.

Picking up the right time and mood of your fussy eater: –

It is essential to plan the meals of the child based on the child’s mood. Making sure that the child is slightly hungry and not grouchy, will create a less fuss.

Patience is an outlook: –

Giving up on your fussy eater and concluding that your child is going to remain fussy throughout can never allow you and your child to have positive reciprocation towards food. Providing with multiple food options will never help the child to eat whatever is served. Serve the same food you cook for everyone but offer her smaller portions if she refuses to the whole of it.

Self-feeding: –

Self-feeding is a healthy eating habit which can give birth to very flexible, easy going individuals in the future. It doesn’t leave the possibility to create a fuss, as fussiness majorly comes when the child gets enough attention. Leave the child alone with the food and supervise from a distance.

Let’s look at feeding as a permanent lifestyle foundation and not merely feeding, as we say ‘Where there is a will there a way.’ Let good food be that enchanted tonic for the healthy wellbeing.

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