Developmental Milestones: Month 11

Motor Development

  1. Your baby is enjoying the freedom of being able to move around.
  2. Crawling, cruising, squatting, changing positions everything is going on.
  3. She might even be able to walk a few steps holding your hands.
  4. Some adventurous ones are already exploring walking on their own.
  5. Many babies stand on their toes at this stage.
  6. For few, climbing would become the fun way to explore.
  7. They may climb over crib railings, or over a low stool.
  8. She will enjoy other activities such as being gently swung by a parent.

Cognitive Development

  1. She is getting the concept of big and small.
  2. With hand eye coordination markedly improved, she will arrange objects by size and colour.
  3. With guidance, she will be able to clear up after playing with toys.
  4. She will enjoy taking toys apart and putting them back together.
  5. All these activities help her with problem solving.
  6. She will explore the world with her hands, fingers, feet, and mouth.

Emotional and Social Development

  1. 11 month olds are quote aware of their own likes, dislikes and emotions.
  2. Temper tantrums may start anytime, since she is aware of the word ‘No’.
  3. She will show interest in interacting with other, albeit from your lap.
  4. Other babies will interest her, though, squabbles over toys may ensue.
  5. She will generally be a happy baby unless in discomfort.
  6. Self soothing is a skill she will have learnt.

Language and Communication

  1. Something similar to back and forth conversation will start off.
  2. She will be able to understand more complicated instructions now.
  3. Your baby might become skilled at non-verbal communication.
  4. Gestures, such as shaking her head no or waving bye-bye will be easy.
  5. Besides proper words, exclamations such as uh-uh would have enriched her communication.
  6. She will meaningfully use words like da-da and ma-ma to call out to you.
  7. She will produce long sentences of gibberish as social communication.


  1. She will be eating a variety of foods by now.
  2. Introduce thicker consistency food, more finger foods, and table foods.
  3. Let her feed herself with a spoon.
  4. Milk will still continue 3-4 times a day, though with a sippy cup.
  5. Encourage the baby to hold the cup on her own.

What you can do to boost her development

  1. Baby proof the house to let her explore.
  2. Let the baby explore textures like grass, carpet, floor etc.
  3. Read together more and more.
  4. Involve the baby is reading. Ask her to mouth animal sounds on cues.
  5. Let her turn pages. Build anticipation.
  6. Reinforce good behaviour; restrict bad behaviour with a firm no
  7. Encourage her to become independent.
  8. Support her decision making abilities.
  9. Invest in push and pull toys, toy push carts etc to boost walking.
  10. Continue playing games such as peek-a-boo to maintain interest.
  11. Ensure lots of outdoor time.

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