Developmental milestones: Month 12

Motor Development

  1. Cruising, crawling, changing positions will also come easily to her.
  2. She may also be walking a few steps without support.
  3. At 12 months children are able to stand for longer time without support.
  4. Her better coordination will help her lift her arms up to get dressed, sit on see-saws, and go down baby slides.
  5. Swinging will be a favourite activity.
  6. She will be able to pick up small things using thumb and index finger.
  7. During reading, she will manage to flip pages of books.


  1. At 12 months children are acutely aware of what they want and how.
  2. Pretend play is going to be a favourite activity.
  3. She will bring a book to you if she wants to be read to.
  4. Banging, opening apart, throwing, shaking—are her ways of exploring.
  5. She will be able to identify things with their correct names; for eg: car
  6. You will be delighted with her imitations: talking on the phone, combing etc.
  7. Her memory will help her with the correct usage of things, drinking with a cup, brushing hair.
  8. Her little index finger will be used more and more for pointing and poking.
  9. Permanency of objects is well understood as is cause and effect.
  10. She will also be able to play back and forth games like throw ball.

Emotional And Social

  1. At one year of age your child will start becoming shy of strangers.
  2. Separation anxiety will need to be tackled gently.
  3. She will be clingy both towards people and toys.
  4. She will also learn and display the emotion of fear.
  5. At 12 months, the child is quite an attention-seeker and will make sounds or do actions over and over again.
  6. She will be testing your limits by not following instructions sometimes, so take charge.

Language and Communication

  1. Her understanding of language is far enough to help her follow requests.
  2. She will also be able to follow instructions and gestures—pick up the toys.
  3. At 12 months, children have learnt to change the tonality of the voice to complete a sentence.
  4. She will also try and imitate the words you speak out to her.


  1. You can now transition from breastmilk or formula to cow’s milk.
  2. Full fat milk is good for her brain development.
  3. Add eggs, honey, citrus fruits, nuts to her diet but check for allergies.
  4. She will be able to have 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks.

What we can do to boost her development

  1. Give her newer stimuli: parks, museums, malls, playareas
  2. Baby-proof your house.
  3. Talk and read to her often.
  4. Point out things when off for a drive: trees, truck, car, dog etc.
  5. Try and feed her a meal as you would cook at home (keeping in mind choking though).
  6. Match meal times with family.
  7. Invest in picture books.
  8. Play ball together.
  9. Buy large wheel toys that she can push and pull to aid walking.
  10. Sing songs and dance together.
  11. She will be fascinated by TV or ipad, but keep it away.

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