10 Exciting Activities To Stimulate Children with Autism


Along with communication problems, there are many other issues as well, that the children with autism face. Sensory motor system issues, postural, balance and co-ordination, neuromuscular system, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal issues etc are few of them to mention. However, there are various games and activities that your child can play regularly to improve her abilities and overcome her concerns effectively.

It is also important that both you and your kid’s school should make an effort to help the child to overcome these issues in an easy manner.

10 Activities for children with autism to improve various conditions :

Children love to play and children with autism are no exception. While your kid will love to perform the following fun activities, these will help tremendously in developing her social , motor, communication and other skills as well as improving her conditions once performed on regular basis.

  1. Involve your child in Household activities as she learns to co-ordinate things while doing such activities. These are also useful for sensory feedback . You can ask your kid for helping you in the kitchen and in turn let her clean herself, arrange her books, stationaries, toys etc. These will help her improve life skills.
  2. Take your child outdoor everyday in the evening. Interacting with other children, playing games etc will help her develop social skills as well as calm her emotions.
  3. Allow your child to enjoy cycling under your supervision. This extremely beneficial physical activity will help her improve balance and posture.
  4. Various fun play activities likeSea-saw, balancing on parallel bars, trampoline jumping will develop her motor skills.
  5. Marching, sitting on big balls and balancing with pelvis will also develop her gross motor skills, co-ordination and balance.
  6. Putty making, colouring, playing musical instruments like piano, violin, drums, enhances the neuromuscular and vestibular system.
  7. At school level yoga and stretching activities should be advised. Group yoga teaches to imitate other children and improves socialising issues. 
  8. Stretching in form of movement of hands and legs in funny way can encourage children to perform these extremely helpful activities.
  9. Box and blocks will improve her creativity.
  10. Children with autism are fond of songs and dance. So arrange group dance classes for you kid to improve her mood .

Things to remember when playing with your autistic child:

  • Children with autism need special attentions. Both you and your spouse should spend time with your child and try to understand the problems she is facing. Then choose those activities to play with her which will help to correct her problems.
  • Remember that your child might have interest in just a few particular activities. Encourage her to play other games with you as well. Show her how to play to create her interest.
  • Try to sense if your kid is losing interest in a particular activity. Learn when to stop and start another game to keep her involved.
  • Take the challenge to stay strong with her.

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