Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Babies & Toddlers


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having a wholesome breakfast means you and your child will have an excellent day. When you have breakfast, you will feel better equipped to deal with the challenges thrown at you throughout the day. Researchers have recorded that children who do not have a good breakfast are not able to concentrate in school as well as children who have had a good wholesome breakfast.

Experts advise that the breakfast must be eaten within 1-2 hours of waking up and should provide 25-30% of daily nutrient requirement. Kids who have breakfast have been known to perform better in school, have more energy and are also likely to make healthier choices in school.

Feeding kids healthy food can be a challenge and the biggest challenge is, perhaps, the vegetables. Toddlers are wired to be fussy. There is too much going on around in their little world to stop and focus on food. On one hand they want to explore and on the other hand they want to stick to the familiar.

Toddlers can also be very finicky about eating only selective vegetables. So, one toddler loves only carrots and other likes only peas but no carrots and you as a parent, want them to get the goodness of all vegetables. If you serve anything new and unfamiliar, the dreaded tantrum might just start. Experts suggest introducing vegetables early in the first year to make the babies familiar to different tastes.

According to Doctors toddlers need less food after the first year of rapid growth. Toddlers also are always on the go, which means they do not want to sit still for a proper meal of 3-4 different items. In my experience, mixed vegetable dishes and one pot meals work well in such situations.

With our lives being so busy, all of us want that extra 10 minutes of sleep, which often means compromising on breakfast, by either skipping it or resorting to packaged juice or cereals or readymade bars.

Children also complain of not wanting to eat the same breakfast items over and over again.

It has been recommended by experts that vegetables should be among the first foods to be introduced to babies to increase children’s chances of enjoying them later in life. Also, the vegetables are best given in their natural form without any additional flavoring early on.

Keep in mind that you must introduce any new vegetable alone first or with items which have already been introduced safely.

Easy Vegetable Dishes for 7-9 months old babies

1.Pumpkin and Carrot Mash

Pumpkin and carrots are both easily digestible and can be introduced to babies once they have been introduced individually without any side-effects.

2.Peas and Carrot Mash/Puree

Peas and carrots are  another classic combination to be given to babies.

3.Vegetable Soup for babies

What a lovely way to feed lots of vegetables to babies. Our recipe uses no salt.

4.Vegetable Khichdi  for babies

Khichdi is a versatile and wholesome meal and you can add as many vegetables in there as you like. The recipe here is meant for babies and it has no salt or spices.

Vegetables Dishes Recipes for 10-12 months old

As babies get closer to a year, they can be given some spices and more variety as they become ready to become seasoned eaters.

1.Vegetable khichdi/ Masoor dal Khichdi/ Spinach khichdi

Khichdi remains a staple in any Indian household and  it can be prepared in so many ways. Here we have 3 ways to prepare khichdi for adventurous eater.

2.Besan chilla/ Cheela

Besan chilla or dosa is an instant Indian pancake which can be eaten at any meal.

3.Vegetable Pulao

Another yummy rice dish with loads of vegetables

4.Veggie Sticks

Now these are a favorite in our house. Cut different vegetables like carrots, babycorn, beans and broccoli into long strips. Broccoli can be cut into bite size florets. Steam the veggies or boil them in little water. If you have started, sprinkle very little salt. Sprinkle a little pepper or cumin powder for taste.  You may even saute them in a little butter for 30 seconds and a super-healthy finger-food/ snack is ready.

Today, we give over many breakfast choices that you can prepare without having to scratch your head in the morning. You could even do some preparation at night which will ensure that you do not require much time to prepare it in the morning.these are good for toddlers and older kids.

1.Banana Dosa for kids

Very quick to make and will give a nice change from the regular dosa. It also adds the goodness of banana and is a perfect breakfast option of kids with a glass of milk.

2.Moong Dal Cheela /Dosa made from green gram

Healthy and wholesome and protein-rich, moong dal chilla or green gram dosa is perfect for breakfast.  Serve it with a peanut or green chutney along with milk.

3.Besan ka chilla

This brings a lot of memories from my childhood as it used to be made quite often in our home.
Besan is gram flour or chana flour. So, it is also rich in protein as well as energy and is very simple and quick to whip up in the mornings. You can also add any vegetables to the batter to make it even more wholesome. You can serve it with any chutney or even tomato ketchup.


Addai is a multigrain dosa made from many lentils ground together. Because it is made from lentils, it too is rich in protein and provides just the boost one needs at the start of the day. Serve it with any chutney and give a glass of milk on the side.

5.Chocolate Pancake and Strawberry Milkshake

You can keep this yummy and wholesome treat for kids for weekend breakfast, so they have the time to savour and enjoy it to the fullest.
This delicious wholewheat pancake with strawberry milkshake is a complete breakfast in itself.

6.Ragi cheela

This chilla or dosa made from ragi/ nation flour is rich in calcium and can be made quickly. Serve it with any chutney.

7.Coin Dosa

Make small dosas about 1.5 inches in diameter and see how quickly they vanish. These coin dosas are my daughter’s favourite for lunchbox too. They are easy to eat and kids don’t have to bother about making bites.

8.Bread Breakfast ideas and recipes for kids

Bread also forms a staple in most houses but most kids or for that matter adults get bored with the same old toast and egg. Here are some unique ways to serve bread for your children’s breakfast.

Types of Bruschetta – Breakfast ideas and recipes for kids

Bruschetta are simply bread with toppings, but they are super versatile and you can do so many variations of bruschetta.
They take minutes to prepare and are so yummy and wholesome that your child will love these. We have recipes of bruschetta here.

Healthy Pav Bhaji with Beetroot

This healhy pav bhaji uses no color and you can put as many vegetables as you want and still see your child gobble them up.

Grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich

Children love cheese and most can have it for all their meals if offered. Try this grilled sandwich with a filling of vegetables and cheese and heave a sigh that your child had a good breakfast before starting his/her day.

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Just slap some homemade peanut butter between two slices of bread and you have a yummy sandwich ready which most children love. Serve this with a glass of milk.

Egg and Salad Sandwich

A lot of parents prefer giving an egg to children for breakfast. It is rich in protein and provides good boost in the morning. Pair the egg with salad vegetables and bread to make this filling and wholesome breakfast sandwich.

French Toasts – Sweet and Savoury

Are your kids bored of the same toast omelette? Then give them a delicious change with your favourite ingredients. Serve egg and bread in french toast avatar in both sweet and savoury version. French toasts are my absolute favorite. Serve them with a side of banana and little honey for sweet version and it will be gobbled up in no time.

Quick-fix Bread Pizza

Give your child the fun of eating bite sized pizzas with your favourite vegetable or meat topping along with cheese. So easy and such a crunchy and delicious option

9.Paranthas for Breakfast ideas and recipes for kids

Paranthas are actually pretty popular all across the country with little variation in recipes and names. They are also known as theplas, chapatis, parota etc.

Methi Parantha/ Methi Thepla

Methi or fenugreek leaves paranthas or theplas are delicious and filling to eat first thing in the morning. Prepare the methi dough the previous night and it takes literally 2 minutes to make this piranha for morning breakfast. Serve fenugreek leaves parantha with some chutney or pickle and a bowl of dahi/ yogurt.

Beetroot Parantha

it’s taste and goodness but also for the beautiful color it imparts to food is great. Try this colorful parantha to provide variety from regular paranthas. Serve this pink paranthas with tomato or green chutney

Carrot/ Gajar parantha

Carrots are GOOD for kids, so mix them up with flour and make this delicious and simple parantha for breakfast. You can serve this with chutney and yogurt.

Jaggery/ Gur Parantha

Prefer this sweet jaggery parantha for breakfast during winters. Jaggery  or gur is naturally warming and provides a good wholesome start along with a glass of hot milk. This parantha tastes likes pooran poli but is very quick to prepare.

Sweet Potato( Shakarkand) Parantha

Your child may not like sweet potato straight, but he will enjoy this paratha with sweet potato filling.Try this healthy sweet potato parantha in place of regular aloo parantha. The process remains pretty much the same.

Star paranthas/Coin paranthas

Cut your regular paranthas into various shapes using cookie cutters and see the magic. This is also a lunchbox favourite in our house.


Ragi is now getting its due as a healthy millet and it is being included in diet everywhere. If you are not sure how to use it, you may include ragi or finger millet in your diet with these  recipes.

1.Ragi kheer: prepare it with milk ,ragi and nuts it is highly nutritious as rich in calcium, protein and other micronutrients.

2.Ragi Ladoo:  ragi flour with ghee, sugar and dry fruits mix is a good combination to give dense energy.

3.Ragi Idly: Ragi Idly is another good option with sambhar and chutney for kids.

4.Ragi Upma: Ragi Upma with vegetables is another liked recipe for kids.

5.Ragi Pancake: when you are in rush try this.

6.Ragi Paratha: ragi mixed with flour and onion is good combination to prepare.

7.Ragi Halwa: This is energy dense breakfast

8.Ragi Uttapam: just like normal rice Uttapam
Are very healthy for kids.

9.Ragi Dhokla: as a fermented food it is very light breakfast option.

10.Ragi Broccoli Cutlet: very healthy breakfast for toddlers.

11.Vermicelli Upma/ Sevai Upma: Vermicelli are easily available in most places and can be made into sweet or savoury dishes. This vermicelli upma is loaded with vegetables and provides a wholesome start to the day for your children.

12.Broken Wheat Upma: Broken wheat or dalia is a great option for kid’s breakfast. It is filling and releases sugar gradually so it keeps them full for a longer time enabling them to concentrate better on what they are learning. Use dalia or broken wheat to make this breakfast upma with vegetables.

13.Oats, apple and nuts porridge: This porridge is complete breakfast with milk, oats, nuts and fruit will give your child the required energy boost in the morning.

14.Corn chaat/ sweet corn  salad: The name might appear a bit snacky but steamed/ boiled corn is a great breakfast option. Here are 3 ways to serve corn to your child for breakfast

1.Sweet Corn Tikkis: mix boiled sweet corns with potato and vegetables to make a nutritious tikki.

2.Sweet Corn Dhokla: mix boiled corns with besan better while making dhokla.

3.Sweet Corn Idly: mix sweet corns boiled with idly batter and make nutritious idly.

15.Soya Tikkis/ Soya Chaap: These soya tikkis or chaap are rich in protein and are delicious. You kid will feel they are having a treat when you serve these.

16.Cornmeal dhokla: Like idlis, dhokla too are great for breakfast. You can serve this dhokla made from cornmeal/ makki ka atta for a change.

17.Wholewheat Breakfast Muffin: Despite your best intentions, there will be days when you will be pressed for time. The child didn’t get up on time or you had that late night meeting and just could not get up early enough to make a hot breakfast. This wholewheat breakfast muffin is perfect for such days.

Idlis for Breakfast ideas and recipes for kids.Idlis are one of the best breakfast options. They are steamed, have rice and dal and are fermented. All makings of great food options.

1.Colorful Idlis: If your child does not like to have the same old white idlis for breakfast, tweak it a little by adding color to the same idlis. It won’t take much extra time but will look so much more inviting. Serve them with chutney and sambhar.

2.Chilli idlis: Give regular idlis a chinese flavour to entice their taste buds. It also have vegetables to you, so no need for sambhar too.

3.Sweet Idli Sandwich: These sweet idli sandwiches will work really well with preschoolers who can be finicky about eating breakfast. It is idli but it looks like cake.

4.Ragi idlis: Ragi idlis with chutney and sambhar is very nutritious for kids.Rich in Calcium mainly.

Milk – Breakfast ideas and recipes for kids

18.Here are some ideas how to make milk more  nutritious and filling.

1.Milk shakes: You can add a fruit to your child’s milk and make a delicious milkshake which does not take too long to finish and is still filling and wholesome. You can make mango milkshake, banana milkshake, papaya milkshake, cheeku milkshake, avocado milkshake etc.

2.Almond milk: Instead of giving plain milk, add a couple of teaspoonfuls of our homemade almond milk powder and give to your child. What a great start to the day with badam and kesar this badam milk/ almond milk can be made instantly.

3.Smoothies: Fruit smoothies are also great breakfasts for busy mornings.

4.Vegan Milks: Milks from nuts and seeds are a great source of healthy protein and minerals. Try this homemade soya milk, or almond milk or coconut milk at breakfast .

19.Frozen Yoghurt!

Made from just fruit and yoghurt, these are great eaten ‘as they come’, or you could throw them onto a bowl of granola or cereal for a delicious crunchy breakfast.

20.Healthy Homemade Granola:

This is so easy to make, much lower in sugar than most shop bought granolas and great because you can customise it with any dried fruits, nuts or seeds to suit your taste.  It’s also a fun project to make with children.

21.Fruit Salad: 

Another easy and healthy breakfast idea that can be customised to suit your tastes – make up a big batch and keep it in the fridge to use for several days worth of breakfasts Serve on its own, with a dollop of natural yoghurt or sprinkled with crunchy seeds.

22.Frozen Banana Bites:

Another fun recipe to throw into the freezer the night before – these frozen banana bites make a great breakfast food, especially in the summer, and kids will love making them for themselves!

Help Yourself Snack Pots – These are a great idea for busy mornings, make them up in advance then just grab and go as needed.

*Quick Breakfast Ideas To Make In a Hurry

23.Cereal with Fruit:

There’s nothing worse when you’re running late than having to think about putting together a healthy breakfast, but luckily there are lots of ideas that can be made in no time at all whilst still avoiding overly sugary cereals.  By far the easiest breakfast is a bowl of cereal of course, but if you want to keep it healthy, hunt out cereals with a low sugar content such as shredded wheat (which has no refined sugar added at all) and jazz it up with a handful of fresh or dried fruit.

24.Toast and Honey with Sesame Seeds:

Whip up this delicious toast in a matter of minutes, simply toast the bread, spread with a little honey and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Sesame seeds are really good for you, with several great health benefits including being a source of protein as well as many essential minerals, including calcium (great for anyone on a dairy free diet).

25.Toast with honey and sesame seeds Porridge:

You may think that porridge is a bit time consuming for busy mornings, but trust me, it takes literally two minutes to make in the microwave and is well worth the minimal effort! Top with jam and sesame seeds, a drizzle of honey, a few dark chocolate chips or some fresh or dried fruit to make it more interesting.

26.Banana and Peanut Butter Tortilla Roll-ups:

It takes seconds to make, can be eaten on the go and is really quite delicious! To make, simply open out a wholemeal tortilla wrap, spread liberally with peanut butter peel a banana and lay it down the middle then roll up the wrap around the banana, folding in the ends to keep it in place. Peanut butter and banana also makes a delicious sandwich filling or topping for toast if you don’t have any wraps.

27.Cream Cheese and Jam Sandwich:

This is a   great way to get an extra portion of calcium in, use wholemeal bread for a healthier breakfast. These sandwiches can be eaten at home or on the go.

28.Cheese on Toast:

eat it is with sliced tomatoes under the cheese and a sprinkle of herbs on top, but you could also try finely chopped red pepper or spring onions too.

*More Creative Ideas to make kids eat healthy food

#Incorporate fresh vegetables in your kids diet by adding lot of vegetables to upma or decorate food with vegetables.

#Make funny animals figures with food and ask them also to participate in it. They will enjoy it to the core. Try it yourself!

  • Vegetable Upma
  • Ven Pongal with sambar
  • Idli Upma
  • Mixed Vegetable
  • *A great way to incorporate fruits in their diet

#Use cookie cutters to cut fruit and vegetables into different shapes and serve them, rather than serving them plain.

#food presentation Prepare mixed fruit custard or banana custard with chocolate sauce drizzled all over.

#Use fruits as toppings in their favorite dessert .


Kids love sandwiches. Use cookie cutter to cut it into different shapes and dress up sandwiches with funny and interesting faces .You can use steel cups to cut bigger circles.

  • Potato sandwich
  • Vegetable sandwich
  • Green Chutney Sandwich
  • Paneer Sandwich (protein packed sandwich)
  • Tomato Chutney Cheese sandwich
  • Egg Sandwich

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