Is low self esteem in your kid bothering you?


A consciousness of self esteem in kids and a positive self-image begins at an early stage. The sooner the child has confidence about herself and is aware of her worth, the better her holistic development will be. Experts believe that such kids turn out to be more resilient and confident even in the face of hurdles.

“Self esteem in kids comes from having a sense of belonging, believing that we’re capable, and knowing our contributions are valued and worthwhile”

Jane Nelsen, a renowned family therapist in California, US, and theauthor of
Positive Discipline

Self esteem in kids can be fostered at home, by parents and other family members, right from an early age. Here are some ways:

Simple ways to develop self esteem in kids

  • Be a role model- When parents at home are comfortable in their own roles, self-confident and less anxious about things, children tend to pick up the same confidence and this helps in fostering self esteem in kids.
  • Create a feeling of belongingness- When a child feels secure, assured and valued as a person in the family and not as a mere dependent personality, she tends to feel loved and develops a positive self image.
  • Encourage a ‘Can-Do’ attitude- To boost self esteem in kids, motivate her to take up new challenges and guide her through. Also assure her that small setbacks do not mean they are failures but just that she needs to try again.
  • Recognize potentials- Family members and teachers need to identify the potential within the child. They need to give the right amount of encouragement. This can be in form of praise, assurance and rewards to make the child feel self-confident and worthy. Help your child realize her own strengths and talents. But at the same time help her to accept own weakness and work on it too. This will set her concept of self image on a healthy note.
  • Unconditional love- Child should always feel the vibe of unconditional love to feel valued as a person. This will boost confidence in kids. If otherwise, the child may fall for complexes, low self-esteem and low confidence.
  • Trust with responsibilities- It is essential for children to feel responsible from an early age. Parents should always let children make simple choices and guide them through whenever required. Parents can also entrust children( with small and simple household chores and praise the child appropriately to boost her confidence.
  • Setting goals as per ability- Parents should always aim at setting age and skill appropriate goals for their child. Let the child self evaluate the outcome (with parental guidance, of course) to understand opportunities of success and realize accomplishments. This also boosts self confidence in kids.
  • And lastly, as their guardians, we need to teach children how to deal with success and failures adequately to boost self confidence. Help them face challenges and try out different ways of doing a single thing. Also, importantly instill in them the value of enjoying the task at hand without stressing over the results.

  1. Rashmi says

    A child must be confident because a confident child learns more and try out new things.

    1. admin says

      Totally agree with you Rashmi. It is our responsibility to create the environment for our kids to be have high self esteem

  2. Rakhi says

    Parents needs to involve kids in small things at home asking their view and letting them believe they can do anything surely boosts their confidence

    1. admin says

      Very true. Thanks for sharing your idea

  3. Anjali says

    Identify the potential in kids and encourage them regarding the same. This is very important for any parent to let the child be and discover their talent

    1. admin says

      Hi Anjali. You’ve mentioned a very important point here. Thanks for sharing

  4. Jhumur Sen says

    For the holistic development of any child they must be have self esteem and it the parent’s responsibility to develop and boost self esteem or self confidence in kids.

    1. admin says

      Can’t agree more. Thanks for sharing Jhumur

  5. Jyotsna Banerjee says

    Very well written article.

    1. admin says

      Thank you

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