How to Stay Fit During Adolescence


Nowadays the craze among the young generation is to have a toned body following all kinds of workout rules available. But they do not understand the actual meaning of fitness , it’s requirement and how to keep going with it. Staying fit does not indicate only of having a fit body but also a fit mind and soul.

Adolescence is a transition phase of life. A wholesome change takes place in  in both physical and mental levels of a teenager, wherein there are a lot of reasons for which one should be taking care of his body and purify it through actual mode of healthiness. Some of the most important transformations during this period that take place and due to which fitness is required are discussed below-

  • Hormonal Changes – cause a lot of changes in the body due to which some physical transformations become obvious, and this leads to non- directional fat deposits, acne on face, mood swings, laziness, loss of interest in many activities.
  • Improving Quality of Life- Teenagers find it difficult sometimes to cope with the outer world with lots of target achievement and competition, So staying fit mentally and physically helps to handle all these situations easily.
  • Building body and muscle mass- This is the most important time of life when maximum development happens. Abrupt muscle building and growth might hamper the normal development. So following a strict regimen will help to align the building blocks of the body.
  • Maintaining correct posture and physic- Teenagers follow the recent fashion of walking, sitting to look cool among friends which cause derangement and pain in spine and the posture becomes very much wrong and the entire physic gets distorted.
  • Reducing Depressive symptoms in Adolescents- Competition in studies, worries about getting jobs, deadlines, unable to achieve success, stress and tension all these lead to symptoms of depression in teenagers. So, fitness for sound mental health is necessary that can be achieved by fitness.
  • Improving cognitive processing in adolescents– Cognitive skills are still developing in teenagers , doing physical activities and following regularly, helps improving them. 
  • Irrational eating– Due to the increasing popularity of fast foods and fried ones, there is occurrence of obesity which becomes difficult to get rid of. Staying fit helps maintain a good health.
  • Behavioural changes- Irritation, rudeness, aggressiveness, leads to behavioural changes that shows bad and reflective attitude towards others. Activities leads to release of good hormones which calms the mind and induces corrective and positive attitude among the teenagers.

Physical fitness regimen that should be followed-

  • Regular walking especially early in the morning.  Fresh air, oxygen and greenery rejuvenates the mind and body , that helps restart the day with a positive attitude.
  • Workout sessions (gymming/ at home) , can be followed regularly with all kinds of stretching, strengthening .
  • For a change, some new methods of workout like pilates, aerobics, kick-boxing, dancing can be incorporated. These can be fun and will keep teenagers motivated to do activities everyday.
  • Sports activities that best interests the teenager can be played with proper guidance from mentors
  • Meditation twice daily minimum for 30 minutes calms the mind, balances mind and soul, thoughts and improves creativity among teenagers.
  • Yoga is another way of keeping oneself fit. It is a slow and sustained way of approaching fitness.
  • Having a proper healthy diet everyday with protein content, less carbohydrate and fat.

Do’s and Dont’s to follow for fitness-


  • Correct sleep-wake pattern should be followed.
  • Eat healthy , home cooked food with less oil.
  • Include vegetables and fruits in your diet
  • Drink water regularly 
  • Go natural with diet and avoid artificial supplements.
  • Yoga, meditation everyday for atleast 20 minutes.
  • Regular exercising with warm up and cool down.
  • Listening to Positivity and motivational speeches.
  • Staying active with any kind of household works , in the morning to kick start the day in a constructive manner.
  • Having a ‘me-time’ everyday to introspect oneslf for modulating the way of living.


  • Avoid negative and ill-mannered people.
  • Social media and television should be avoided.
  • Reading books should be made a habit instead of watching tv.
  • Avoid junk ,fatty foods and red meat.
  • Drinking and smoking should be a strict no no.

Teenagers are the future of our country. They should remain fit and healthy for a better living and building their dreams in the best possible manner.

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