Importance of Nutrition In Improving the Quality of Breast Milk


On the eve of celebrating breast feeding week, it is important to know the significance of lactating mother’s diet, which helps in incredible physical and mental growth of her new born. A well breast fed baby shows a remarkable pace at which he achieves his regular milestones. There is the list of foods, which facilitates the production of breast milk in mothers soon after the delivery. Breast milk, that plays an integral part in the baby’s survival, should be exclusively the only source of nutrition from birth to first 6 months of life. Breast milk is considered to be the most sterile, purest and wholly balanced in nutrition for the tiny tot. A new mum should ensure that she keeps a close tab on her nutrition intake, as her nutritional status will determine the quality of milk she produces. Diet of a lactating mother determines the physical and mental wellbeing of her younger one. It works as a blessing for those mums, whose milk production for some reasons is inadequate for her new born.

Below are some common guidelines, which will ensure complete nutrition to the  breastfeeding mother (for delivery trauma recovery) and her tiny one.

1. Fenugreek Seeds (Methi)

Having high levels a of a compound called ‘Beta glucan’,it facilitates milk production by improving the activity of milk producing hormones from the mammary glands. Fresh fenugreek leaves or seeds can be used in regular cooking in lactating mothers diet. If the new mums seem to be allergic to this, it should be discontinued for good.

2. Probiotics

Probiotics are defined as live strains of bacteria that promote good gut health by improving the movement of food through digestive system. Natural yogurts, asparagus (shatavari),banana, raw cheese are some of them to name. Probiotic diet ensures that your little one gets the supply of highly superior quality of milk . Inclusion of probiotics in the lactating mother’s diet also helps the new mum to alleviate persistent symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is quite common post pregnancy.

3. Calcium and Vitamin D rich foods

Dairy products, sardines, soy products, leafy vegetables, salmon, sesame seeds are all loaded with extra calcium which a new mum needs, to produce good quality of breast milk for her little one. Low calcium levels are often associated with bone loss, constant fatigue and advancing to osteoporosis in later stages of life. Daily early morning sunbath becomes important for the new mum and her little one.

4. Inclusion of fiber rich foods

Soluble fiber present in oat bran,beans,lentils,peas,fruits have cholesterol lowering effect on blood. These also help in preventing sudden insulin spike(common during gestational diabetes) and helps in weight management and keeping bowel clear. Lactating mothers should stress on taking daily important doses of soluble fiber.

5. Checking on Hydration

Water plays a vital role in facilitating the hormone that produces breast milk, thus helps to produce more superior quality of milk for the new born. It is often observed that dehydration deteriorates the quality of milk produced by the mother’s and also makes the mother tired due to the impaired utilization of vital vitamins and minerals. It also helps keeping constipation at bay.

The above recommendations are trusted as a strong base for the new mum to have right nutrition for herself and her tiny tot. An expectant mother is supposed look after her nutrition for the lactating phase way before her progressing pregnancy, to ensure right nutritional groundwork for her new born.

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