Why Your Kid Should Learn to Ride a Bike


We can never underestimate the importance of physical exercise when it comes to your child, but  if she  can have fun when exercising, rest assured that she will never balk at the idea of exerting herself.

Cycling is one such activity, for kids, that  will greatly improve your child’s physical health, while at the same time is  immensely enjoyable. She will easily get interested when  she sees other children riding a small bicycle and the very sight will leave her wishing to ride one herself.  So, why not take advantage of her interest! Experts believe that  5-6 years of age is a good time to initiate them into a bicycle (though it may vary from child to child).

Physical benefits of cycling :
  • Boosts bone growth and development.
  • Metabolic system and digestion improves; prevents  gas formation and limits vomiting tendency in children.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Improves the lung capacity thereby exposing the respiratory system to more oxygen content.
  • Facilitates secretion of good hormones required for the correct functioning of the vital organs.
  • This physical exercise enhances blood circulation in brain and other parts of the body.
  • Regular cycling improves postures and encourages kids to keep spine straight.  Which in turn helps them maintaining spine health.
  • Cycling, like any other exercises, stimulates appetite that give the parents an opportunity to offer healthy food to their children and explain how cycling and nutritious food compliment each other. This way children can develop healthy eating habits.
Cycling and mental well being : 
  • Cycling is a simple way to have fun and socialise with friends and family.
  • It organises behavioural changes in a channelized manner.
  • Affects the nervous system and improves concentration, co-ordination and mental stability.
  • The joy of riding keeps mental illnesses like depression, anxiety or stress at bay.
  • The excitement of riding and racing together with friends influences children to develop fellow feeling and a healthy competitive spirit.
Cycling and Prevention of specific diseases :

Anaemia- This occurs mostly in children who are less active and more inclined to home staying. Cycling improves blood supply to each body part thereby improving the haemoglobin content in blood.

Fatigue– Due to less stamina from limited physical activity, children get tired easily after school hours and find most chores that demand effort, including focusing on studies, difficult. rRiding a bike as a fun play, can reduce the symptoms of fatigue and make children more active.

Guillain Barre syndrome- It is a medical condition which affects the extremities of the body mostly making them weak and fragile. This condition can be managed  by  activities like cycling since it involves the maximum use of  lower extremities  thereby maintaining the muscle activity.

Cold and Flu- Due to the lack of exposure to the outer world and environment, children get  cold and flu every now and then. So, cycling can bring a biological eco-friendly situation between the children and the nature which helps them fight the germs and bacteria.

Respiratory Distress Syndrome- This is yet another condition in which the lung functioning reduces and a child undergoes forceful inspiratory and expiratory process. This can be improved by cycling which helps to develop the lung capacity and endurance.

So when are you taking your little one out on a cycle ride?

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