Is Your Child Hemophilic? 3 Must Have Nutrients for Children with Hemophilia


Tomorrow is Eliyana’s Birthday! Said Nancy with a saddened eye. Roche, Andy and Nancy had many melancholic reflection of the day. They lost their sweet friend on her birthday. Suddenly a loud announcement was made requesting all the Students to assemble in auditorium on 17th of April at 10 am. Such was a yearly celebration on occasion of world Hemophilia day. All three rushed towards auditorium for their skit practice.

The Father of the school, Joseph Rodrigue used to celebrate his daughter Eliyana’s birthday with all his heart and soul. She was suffering from the genetic disorder Hemophilia A. The Father tries to educate the society and young children how to prevent Hemophilia. School conducts one day camp where rural children are invited with their parents and teachers. The trained school children entertain all the invitees and make them aware for Hemophilia and the preventive measures through various curricular activities. 

After the skit, health team came to explain about this inherited bleeding disorder and the preventive measures to be taken in Hemophilia. They were shocked to know that the prolonged bleeding into joints, muscles and other sensitive organs can lead to permanent disability and even death. 

The Nutritionist from the team came ahead and explained the weight management, healthy balanced diet and the crucial role of Vitamins and minerals in the body. She stressed more on Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C in routine diet.

Calcium is required to build strong bones and to maintain healthy teeth

Select low fat calcium sources for your children considering their weight. Sources are Low-fat milk & milk products like Cheese, Yogurt, and Calcium-fortified soy milk, Calcium-fortified cereals, Beans, Dark leafy greens like spinach and broccoli. 

Iron rich food to recover the lost iron through bleed

Iron-rich foods may help your children to recover more quickly. Iron-rich foods include Lean red meat, Seafood, Poultry, Liver, Beans, Dark green leafy vegetables, dried fruit like raisins, apricots etc. 

Vitamin C for better absorption of iron

Iron will be well absorbed in the body when you include Vitamin C rich food in routine diet of your children. Sources include Citrus fruits like Gooseberry (Amla), Oranges, Guava, and Strawberries etc.

The program was ended with a loud repetition of learned key points –

  • Keep your joints strong and healthy
  • Extra weight off
  • Choose the food plate wisely

One Goody bag as a return gift was presented to every child present over there. Mr. Rodrigue specially thanked Roche, Andy and Nancy for putting their best effort.

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