Pink Whale Challenge: An Antidote To Blue Whale


We can observe a strong impact of online games and challenges on today’s youth and their mentalities. They can be instrumental in positive ways such as spreading awareness and sending a message to the masses or they can be simply a game, like Candy Crush, to pass time. However, every coin has two faces, as we have recently observed, with the surfacing of a certain “Blue Whale Challenge”.

If you haven’t heard of it, let me attempt to summarise it in the simplest and shortest possible way. This challenge is one that has taken the internet by storm in recent times and has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It essentially is a challenge that psychologically manipulates its participants to perform a series of unpleasant tasks that disturb one’s mental health and can even lead one to commit suicide.

And guess what? That whale wasn’t enough. Hence, introducing the “Pink Whale Challenge”, that was born in Brazil.

What is this challenge about?

  • Whilst the Blue Whale Challenge spread negativity, the focus of this challenge is to do exactly the opposite: use the internet to “viralise” positivity and goodness. Participants of this challenge are called Whale Puppies as per the website.

What does this challenge actually make you do?

  • This challenge involves following a set of instructions, a pattern very similar to the Blue Whale Challenge. However, the dreadful gestures here are replaced by kind and productive ones, varying from simple tasks like: Write something nice about yourself to virtuous practices of apologizing or forgiving someone. The final challenge focuses on direct participation in social welfare by asking the participants to help someone or some animal in need or to donate.

Their aim?

  • To prove that the internet can be used to spread positivity and good vibes as well. They aren’t a self-help group! They just truly believe that we all are capable of promoting love and goodness.


  • Helps to know and value your true self.
  • Makes you think positively and incline towards positive attitude.
  • Boosts your self-esteem and self-worth.

To sum up ,the objective of this challenges is to make everyone aware that mind-set is everything. A positive mind leads to positive vibes and a positive life. Everyone asks us to be kind and help someone. But what they don’t tell us, and what I’d like everyone to remember, is that it could be even better if that one person is no one other than ourselves.

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  1. Ruhan Gautam says

    Your article is quite informative but currently the “Pink Whale Challenge” is oversubscribed and the administrators of this game are not accepting any more participants. As you can see technically the pink whale challenge is of no use. So is there anything else that you could suggest on how we could help others without using the pink whale challenge?

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