Game: Spell Down

Complexity Level : Moderate

Time : 10-15 minutes

Learning Impact

  1. Language and vocabulary skills
  2. Cognitive thinking skills
  3. Speaking skills

Materials Needed

  1. A list of easy, medium and challenging spelling words (mentioned below)
  2. Writing materials (if required)

How to do it

  • These are best suited for 8 – 10 year old children.
  • Three sets of words are provided below under the categories – easy, medium and challenging.

Easy spelling words

About, agree, above, across, alert, among, angry, annoy, another, award, aware, badge, basic, battle, beast, board, build, burst, cactus, careless, chase, chimney, circus, close, clothing, coach, coming, crawl, deaf, double, equal, evening, everything, flour, flower, froze, garbage, growl, hollow, honey, hoping, include, insist, jeans, kitchen, lace, laugh, little, marble, match, midnight, monkey, newspaper, offer, pillow, porch, recover, remember, report, riddle, scale, scrape, scream, seashore, season, shallow, shrimp, sidewalk, simple, slate, sleeve, stepped, stopped, strong, thrill, ticket, title, torch, trace, unlock, wonder, write.

Medium difficulty spelling words

Actor, addition, advice, against, ahead, amount, annual, answer, apiece, argue, author, avoid, beetle, borrow, breath, calm, canal, cannon, central, charge, collar, continue, creation, cried, daily, decorator, device, direction, earthquake, enough, excuse, fraction, furniture, ghost, guess, ignore, island, journal, judge, kept, ledge, lettuce, manage, mention, narrate, nineteen, noisy, often, palm, people, portion, praise, remark, repair, royal, shear, slept, station, steam, strange, stretch, sweat, terrible, themselves, thirsty, throne, tried, trouble, understand, until, vacation, visitor, vocal, wander, weave, whenever, whole.

Challenging spelling words

Arithmetic, avenue, beggar, bridge, caution, celery, cellar, century, chute, cough, couple, court, cousin, daughter, exercise, freight, fulfil, general, genius, gentle, giraffe, glacier, height, hydrant, icicle, image, issue, measles, nation, naughty, notion, ocean, plight, poise, poison, position, regular, remain, rough, scarce, statue, stockings, taught, throat, tomorrow, tough, unknown, unlikely, unusual, usual, value, vegetable, voyage, width.

  1. All sets of words are age appropriate.
  2. Ask your child to form a sentence using one word from each set.
  3. This could be a written activity or a spoken one – whichever skill your child needs more focus on
  4. The words need not be in any specific order in the sentence.
  5. The child can also use more than one word from each set in the sentence formed, but there has to be one from each set.
  6. Your child can use the past, present, future or present continuous tense of any of the words.
  7. You could do this activity with your child or allow her to work on this independently.


  1. I agree that addition is the easiest thing to do in arithmetic.
  2. My cousin is very excited whenever we go to the circus.
  3. The beggar cried and screamed in pain.
  4. It annoys me when people eat too many vegetables.
  5. The statue by the sidewalk fell due to an earthquake.


  1. If your child is unable to use all the words in one sentence, let her make more than one sentence using the given words.
  2. Let this activity be a maximum of 10 – 15 sentences in a day.
  3. If your child is writing the sentences, let her choose the words by herself.
  4. If your child is speaking the sentences, you choose three words (one from each category) and provide them to your child.

Benefits for the child

  1. Being able to work on verbal association.
  2. Learning of new vocabulary

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