Unique Indian Baby Names Trends in 2019


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,

by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

William Shakespeare

Your little bundle of joy will smell sweet forever to you, no matter what you call her. But that doesn’t stop you from finding a beautiful baby name for your little angel ! In fact there’s a lot in a name to affect your baby’s life and that is why naming a baby can be a delightful yet confusing quest for you. Indian parents these days are often caught between the dilemma of choosing a unique baby name and following the traditional naming process, while still being on the trend-o-meter. 

So, before unfolding a list of unique yet beautiful boy names and girl names to you, let us delve a little deeper into the traditional way of naming a baby and how today’s Indian parents are finding different ways of blending modernity with tradition.  Let’s see

  1. the traditional way of naming a baby
  2. How the modern parents are choosing the right baby names
  3. Top 80 baby girl names of 2019
  4. Top 80 baby boy names of 2019

Traditional way of naming a baby

When choosing a newborn baby name, a very sophisticated method is followed in our tradition. Unlike other countries, the Indian parents do not decide their baby’s name before birth (besides maybe a nickname). Once the baby is born, considering the astrological calculations and after observing the child for a certain period of time, a person, well-versed with the naming methods, chooses a sound, or an alphabet, that is the reverberation of the life energy blooming within the child. This sound, according to the traditional Indian culture, has a significant role in the life of this little bundle of joy–whether is comes to choosing a baby girl name or a baby boy name.

Even the meaning of the name is not that important. But the sound, which in another word, is a mere vibration, is said to have a positive effect particularly on the baby. The senior members of the family or some other knowledgeable person will select the child’s name which contains or basically starts with this chosen sound. Every time she is called by this name, it should create that reverberating energy, which will help the child find the full expression of her life. 

Hence, when naming a child, her parents and her family consult an astrologer or a pundit (priest) first to find out that fundamental sound, or alphabet, that will create a positive vibe within the child. 

This tradition is still being followed in every part of India. However, parents are looking for a bit more liberty when choosing their baby boy names or baby girl names and therefore trying other ways as well. 

Trend of unique baby names

Do you remember those 5 Amits and 4 Nehas from your class? Did you call them by their surnames to avoid confusions? The very fact of finding their namesakes in every school they go, every company they join, or every gathering they attend, has made today’s parents look for a unique name when it comes to choosing their child’a names. Hope next time when you email your colleague at rajeev5kumar@….com; you will realise what motivated him to christen his daughter with a name as tongue-twisting as Riyanshika!!!

Our previous generations, used to have more children than us and followed the traditional way of choosing baby names more religiously. They often ended with a very limited list of names. Besides, as per the tradition, they emphasised more on the starting sound than the rest of the name (be it the meaning or what comes after the chosen first sound). Hence, children of that era shared their names with many of their school friends.

Now when those children grew up, in better socio-economic conditions, they made a choice to be more meticulous about anything and everything they can do for their future generation. Moreover, today’s generation has access to an enormous source of information (read google) right within their finger’s reach. In addition to that, most of the couples have just one or two children, who they invest all their attention to. Hence, parents, these days wish their little one to be unique in every way. Unique baby names have, therefore, become one of the most significant subjects to research on, once the baby arrives. So even if most Indians still follow the traditional way of naming their babies, the whole gamut of baby names has expanded a thousand folds, helping them find a unique baby name for their little bundle of joy. 

In pursuit of finding a unique baby name, Indian parents are being influenced by the following trends :

1. The global appeal when naming a baby

The more the Indians are moving abroad, they are preferring baby names with foreign origin or of Indian origin but sound close to some foreign name. Maybe the fear of getting a beautiful Sanskrit name distorted by foreign accents is behind this. 

Thus, Indian baby names like Kavin (close to Kevin), Ivaan (Ivan), Rashil (Russel), Vivaan (Vivian) are being preferred by the new parents because of their global appeals. 

For the same reason, the preference of millennial parents for baby names with the foreign origin is growing fast. For boy names, Irish names like Aaidan, Ryan, etc. are coming on the top of the list. Other baby boy names with foreign origin include Adrian, Brian, Jayden, Leo, Prince etc.

For girls names Greek origins continue to be the favourite choice as Sophia, Kyra, Andrea are gaining more and more popularity. Among other girl names, Angel, Bianca, Diana, Liya, Kiara, Grace, etc. are some of the top choices. 

2. Looking for a more meaningful baby names 

A short name has been a preference till but, but things are changing. A name consisting more than two syllables is gaining more popularity. To say it in other words, parents are emphasising more on the meaning of the name or the story behind the naming than on the syllables it consists. 

Hence longer girl names like Adweta, Ekantika, Pratyusha, Niharika is being preferred by the millennial parents. For boy names, you might hear a number of any of the following names in your child’s playschool: Atharv, Sarthak, Vivaan or Rishaan. 

3. Favourite letter 

‘A’ continues to be the most popular initial when choosing a baby name irrespective of gender. Being the first alphabet, ‘A’ has been considered auspicious among the parents of all time. But today’s competitive age has added more significance to the fist alphabet than any of the previous generations. Since ‘A’ comes first in the alphabetical order, parents are even more eager to choose names like Aadil, Aaradhya, Aarav or Aadvik.  

After ‘A,’ the second favourite letter for the parents is ’S.’ Many sweet names with impressive meanings or interesting origins begin with the letter ’S’. Therefore, although it comes far down in the alphabetical order, parents prefer to sound their baby name unique and nice. Hence, names like Saanvi, Sanaya, Souriya, Samaira, Samaksh, Satvik, that are uncommon yet beautiful are becoming more popular. 

4. Inspiring celebrity baby names 

Who else sets any trend more effectively than a celebrity! Naming a baby is no exception. In their quest for searching unique names, parents are being influenced by celebrities in choosing their children’s name. So be it knowing how to combine part of parents’ names to form a cute baby name, or finding the most stylish baby name or searching for a name with a remarkable story behind it, you may like to take a look on the celebrity baby names listed below :

Celebrity couples Name of their kids  (baby girl names, baby boy names)

Ajay Devgan and Kajal Nysa (daughter) and Yug (son)
Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna Nitara (daughter) and Arav (son)
Hrithik and Sussanne  Hrehaan (son) and Hridhaan (son)
Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Misha (daughter) and Zain (son)
Abhishek and Aishwarya Aaradhya (daughter)
Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji Adira (daughter)
Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty Viaan (son)
Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Shaahran (son) and Iqra (daughter)
Karishma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapur Samaira (daughter) Kiaan Raj (son)
Sriram Nene and Madhuri Dixit  Ryan (son) and Aaron (son)
Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan  Aryan(son), Suhana (daughter), AbRam (son)
Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar  Arjun(son), Sara (daughter)
Sourav and Dona Ganguly  Sana (daughter) 
Virendra Sehwag Aryavir (son) and Vedant (son)
V.V.S. Laxman and Shailaja   Aachinthya (daughter) and Sarvajit (son)
Ravindra Jadeja and Rivaba Solanki Nidhyana (daughter)

5. Influence of numerology when deciding baby name

Although numerology is an age-old concept, more and more parents are becoming inclined to it while naming their babies. In this process, after naming their babies, (traditional or modern way) parents consult a numerologist to make slight changes of the name, if already not checked with a numerologist for an auspicious name. For example, adding an alphabet or changing the spelling a bit to make it numerologically correct.

Like the traditional way, the first letter is of great significance in the numerological way of naming a baby. Next step is finding the same expression number. It is calculated from the first names and calculated to the range of 1-9. The baby’s birth date must match with her expression number. Finally, it requires to find the name number, which is calculated from the name and the surname. 

The prevalence of numerological influence in parents’ mind leads to spelling the same name in multiple ways like Abir, Aabir, Abeer or Myra, Maira, Mayra, Maiyra, Mairah.

Naming of twins 

When the joy of parenthood gets doubled, parents wish to make that moment of happiness last forever.  Finding twin baby names becomes the most fascinating and innovative. Should they be rhyming, or have similar or associated meanings, or be complimentary to each other, parents’ creativity works at its best when it comes to naming twins. 

1. Unique twin baby boys names 
Baby name Meaning Twin baby name Meaning
Abhay Fearless Nirbhay Fearless
Darsh Sight, Lord Krishna Harsh  Joy
Amar Immortal Prem Love
Jihan The universe Ishan Lord Shiva, The Sun 
Jayant  Victorious, star Vijayant Victor, Lord Indra
Shivam  Lord Shiva, elegant Shundaram Beautiful
2. Unique twin baby boy-girl names
Baby name Meaning Twin baby name Meaning
Akash Sky Neela Blue
Deep Lamp Shikha Flame
Ishank The peak of the Himalaya, Lord Shiva and Parvati Ishanya East, northeast
Jay Victory Jayanti Victorious
Neer Water, one of the 5 elements Neerja Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
Sanay Ancient, One who will last forever Sanya Eminent, born on Saturday 
3. Unique twin baby girl names
Baby name Meaning Twin baby name Meaning
Asmita Pride, self respect Sushmita Beautiful smile
Gita The holy book of the Hindus  Sangeeta Music
Divya Divine lustre, charming Bhavya Grace, Virtuous, Goddess Parvati
Prajna Ultimate understanding of the true nature of existence and reality Paramita Perfection, transcended
Lavanya Grace, beauty Karunya Compassionate, Goddess Laksmi
Soumya Peace, handsome Ramya Beautiful, captivating

Top 80 most popular unique baby girl names of 2019

Girl Names Meanings
Aahna Exist
Aaradhyaa One who is worth worshipping
Aakanksha Desire or wish
Aarushi First ray of the sun
Aayushi One who has long life
Aditi Freedom, boundless
Adya First
Anaisha Special
Ananya Unique, Goddess Parvati
Bhavya Splendid 
Banhi Fire
Chaitali Born in the month of Chaitra
Chitrita Beautiful, decorated, picturesque
Chinmayee Supreme consciousness
Damini Lightening
Damayanti Nala’s wife
Dipanwita Goddess Kali
Eesha Purity, goddess Parvati
Eshani Goddess Parvati
Falguni Born in the month of Falgun, Feminine beauty
Gargi Female scholar in ancient India
Geetika Little song
Gunjan A girl with voice of the humming bees
Gaurika A young girl
Gayatri Mother of the Vedas
Hrishita One who brings joy in her life
Hamshika Goddess Saraswati
Himani Glacier, Goddess Parvati
Itishree Start
Ishita Desired by all
Ishani Goddess Parvati
Inaaya Empathy
Indrakshi One having beautiful eyes
Jaanvi The river Ganga, As precious as your life
Jayanti Victorious, Goddess Durga
Jhalak Glimpse
Kaira Peaceful
Kavya Poetry
Kajri Cloud
Kanchana Gold
Kalyani Auspicious
Lavanya Beauty
Lavani Grace
Lekha Writing
Mahika As gentle as a morning dew drop
Manyata Principles
Manjusri Goddess Saraswati
Nainika Pupil of the eyes
Niharika Galaxy, Bunch of stars 
Naivedya Offering to god
Nandana  Goddess Durga
Ojaswini Lustrous
Oorja Energy
Piyali A tree
Pallavi New leaves
Puravi The Sun
Padmakshi Goddess Lakshmi, One with eyes as beautiful as lotus
Parijat A celestial flower
Rachana  Creation
Riddhi Power or success
Rishika Saintly
Ruhani Divine
Suhani Pleasing Woman
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Samaira Enchanting
Swara Manifestation of musical notes of nature
Shanaya Someone who shines as bright as the morning sun
Swati Star
Tanvi Delicate and beautiful girl
Tanuja Daughter
Tamanna Desire, wish
Tanisha Ambition
Udita Sunrise
Ujjaini An ancient city
Urvi Earth
Vaani Voice, speech
Varsha Rain
Vidhi Bringer of destiny
Yukta Skilful, United and absorbed
Yashashvi Famous

Top 80 most popular unique baby boy names of 2019

Boy Names Meaning
Aarav Peaceful, wisdom
Aditya Sun
Advik Unique
Aakarsh Divine
Arnav Ocean
Ayush Long-lived
Agastya A Saint
Atharv The first Veda
Abhimanyu Son of Arjuna
Chirag Lamp
Chinmay Lord Ganesha
Chayan Moon, Collection
Dhruv Pole star
Devansh A part of god
Darsh Lord Krishna
Dinesh Sun
Divyansh Divine part
Darshit Pay respect
Divit One who has conquered death
Ehan Expectations
Eklavya The brave and loyal disciple of Dronacharya  
Garv Pride 
Gaurav Honour, prestige
Gautam Lord Buddha
Harshil Joyful
Hredhaan One with great heart
Hansh God alike
Hrithik From the heart
Haneesh Ambitious, Lord Shiva
Ishan Lord Sun, Guardian of the north east
Indrajit Conqueror of Indra
Jai Victory
Jivaj Full of life
Krish Compassionate, Lord Krisha
Kiaan Grace of God
Kalpit Imagined, 
Kushal Perfect, Clever
Lalit Handsome
Lyan Cute
Laksh Aim
Manas One of the 16 dimension of mind, that represents the processing mind according to
Yogic culture 
Mitesh One with few desires
Mahendra Lord Vishnu
Manu Father of human being
Naman Good fundamental nature
Nayan Eyes
Neil  Variation of Neel. Means Blue
Nakul one of the 5 Pandavas, Lord Shiva
Nachiketa  Fire
Nalinaksh Lotus eyed
Namish  Lord Vishnu
Namit Modest
Narendra  Kind of men
Om  Most sacred mantra in Hinduism
Omkar  Sound of Om, divine sound
Parth Son of mother earth
Pranav Sacred sound Om
Praneel Lord Shiva
Pallav Young shoots and leaves
Rachit Written
Reyansh Ray of light
Ronit Charming
Rushil Charming
Shresht Best of all
Samaksh Presence
Shivansh Part of lord Shiva
Samanth Efficient
Satvik Virtuous
Tanay Son
Tathagat Buddha
Teerth Holy place
Tanuj Son
Utkarsh Advancement
Uday To Rise 
Udbhav Creation
Vihaan Dawn
Vedant Vedic way of self realisation, one who knows Vedas
Vivaan Full of life
Vidhaan Creator
Yajnesh Lord Vishnu

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