Losing weight after pregnancy: 9 effective tips


While the joys of pregnancy are many, weight loss after pregnancy is an issue that is too real.  Losing the baby weight or the postpartum weight loss can sometimes take a toll on the new mom’s mind.

But losing this post pregnancy weight loss is simpler than you would imagine. A few basic principles of exercises and tips at home and at work which can help reduce weight and get back in shape easily.

1) Most common and the easiest way to quick to lose baby weight after pregnancy is to take a walk every two hours. If it is difficult to go out for a walk, then standing and walking within the room and hall helps reduce belly fat and thigh fat.

2)  Daily activities at home including cooking, gardening, and cleaning can also aid in losing extra unwanted weight fat.

3) Pilates is one form of exercise followed by many new mothers that is comfortable ,effective and fun to do everyday.

The Hundred, Criss- Cross, The Seal, Single leg and Double leg stretch are some basic form of Pilates. These involve upper arm , lower arm and abdomen area for fat and weight loss. These can be done for minimum of 30 minutes every day in the morning and during night also.

The ideal planning for weight loss after pregnancy should be to return to earlier weight in 6 to 12 months after delivery. Focus on healthy diet with daily exercise.

4) Ball exercises – Therapeutic balls or Gym ball are now available in the sports shop. They are of different sizes and should be used according to one’s comfort zones. These balls can be used indoor and outdoor areas to lose unwanted weight after having a baby .

Side crunches with lying over the ball on your side, lifting the ball with both the legs (10 times), trunk rotation with back lying on ball , feet flat on floor and arms stretched ,fist clenched. Repeat this for 20 times for flat belly .

5) Mat exercises– Lie flat on back on a firm rubberised mat on floor, perform push-ups, crunches, cat and camel exercises, every day for one hour.

6) Aerobics is another way through which every woman can lose the post partum weight soon enough. There are various forms of Aerobics exercises like aerobics Dance, water aerobics, Slow Aerobics that can be followed.

7) Take a brisk walk with your little one in the park to get back to shape and spend time with your kid.

8) Yoga is the traditional form of working out that combines both mind and body and is very effective for weight loss after baby.

Doing Suryanamaskar (sun salutation) regularly for 15 times gives you good results and helps lose weight. It exercises all muscles of the body giving you the dream body you wish for.

9) Theraband exercises- Therabands are available in various colours which give resistance and helps build strength and tone up the body.

Along with exercises,  a proper diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential pro-biotic also gives you a way of leading a healthy and energetic life after delivery.


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