Learning process in children gets easy when they develop some useful healthy habits. In case of children from age 3-5 years, yoga can be the best option for the development of their cognitive, proprioceptive, neurological, sensory systems and their overall wellbeing . It can be best started at the age of 3-5 years.

Benefits of Yoga-

Yoga has many beneficial effects for children. –

  1. It teaches calmness in children. Children are suppose to be cranky and fussy. Yoga brings a sense of calmness within them which should be inculcated at an early stage of life.
  2. It improves strength, co-ordination which is required for the development of the child.
  3. It improves flexibility in those children who tend to be less active and less playful.
  4. It brings discipline in children.
  5. For improvement in cognitive skills, sensory system , and neurological synapsing
  6. It helps children to be more resilient, enhances self-confidence.
  7. It improves memory, concentration and activates orientation in children.
  8. Mind body connection is developed, with awareness, alertness and position of body in space is better known through yoga.
  9. Healthy and good habits are practised through this.
  10. Self- help, mutual understanding, control over anger, rigidness can be taught to the children through yoga.
  11. Creativity and self- confidence is improvised through yoga.
  12. Reduces obsession with TV and other electronic devices.

Yoga can be fun to do by including other interesting and useful stuffs like balls, rings, and colourful mats etc, while doing it.

Yoga poses like –
  • Cobra pose, 
  • Tree pose, 
  • suryanamaskar , 
  • dhanurasan
  • downward dog pose
  • Happy baby pose
  • Savasan
  • Sarvangasana

Are some of the yoga poses that are liked by children and can be best done as outdoor game activities, in park, open space with greenery. This helps to rejuvenate mind and body and also connects mind and body with the environment. Yoga teaches children to remain streamlined and to channelize their behavioral changes into the right direction.

All these poses can be practised with examples explaining to the children so that they learn fast and remember easily.

Yoga should be started at preschool level and all school level curriculum.

At home parents should practice it along with their children whenever possible. It creates bonding between the parents and children and also encourages the child to enact the same and make it a habit to practice everyday.

Children who practices yoga will follow a healthy lifestyle and will make necessary modifications in their approach towards life, as yoga motivates children to acquire more knowledge and prepare them for all odd situations in life in future.

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