Developmental Milestones: Month 9

Motor Development At 9 months, your baby is crawling like an expert probably.A pro at crawling she can possibly manage to crawl with a toy in one hand.Stairs, going up and down, crawling is easy for her.Cruising—trying to walk along the

Developmental Milestones: Month 8

Motor Development Your baby would be crawling by now or atleast trying to do so.Her other movements will include shuffling on bottoms, slithering on tummy, or rolling over.The eager ones will be pulling themselves up with the support of

Developmental Milestones: Month 7

Motor Development From scooting, crawling, rolling to dragging herself on her belly, your infant is exploring the world as much as she can.She will be able to sit up unassisted.With a bit of training, she will manage to hold her sippy

Developmental Milestones: Month 6

Motor Development By this time, she will probably be sitting on her own.Her rolling over, both ways, independently will tire you out.From tummy down, your baby will attempt to push herself into crawling position.She will be mastering

Developmental Milestones: Month 5

Motor Development At 5 months, your baby would be sitting up probably with support.Without support, she will be in the Leaning Tower of Pisa sitting and will need cushions to prop her upright.She will use her hands to push herself up in

Developmental Milestones: Month 4

Motor Development Your baby’s hands are becoming more dexterous now. She will reach out and grab anything within her sight.Her head will no longer be wobbly. She can now hold her head and neck when seated with support.She will be able

Developmental Milestones: Month 3

Motor Development Your baby would be able to support her head and chest for longer during tummy time. Sometimesshe may be able to hold her head even at a 90 degree upright position.Her lower limbs would be stronger and her kicks more

Developmental milestones: Month 2

Motor Development Your baby would have started to gain better control over her body and limbs.During tummy down, she will hold her head steadier and for longer.Holding her upright will be easier since her neck won’t flop back

Developmental Milestones: Month1

Motor Development Within a month your baby would be latching well for breastfeed.She will be able to bring her hands to her face. Some babies would be sucking their thumbs.During tummy time, she would raise her head/turn it slightly and

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