Game: Identify It

Complexity Level : Moderate Playing Time : 10-15 minutes Learning Impact Cognitive skill developmentAttention and Focus building skillsComprehension and Communication skills Materials Needed Provided below (Hints to identify

Game: Spell Down

Complexity Level : Moderate Time : 10-15 minutes Learning Impact Language and vocabulary skillsCognitive thinking skills Speaking skills Materials Needed A list of easy, medium and challenging spelling words (mentioned

Developmental Milestones: Month 9

Motor Development At 9 months, your baby is crawling like an expert probably.A pro at crawling she can possibly manage to crawl with a toy in one hand.Stairs, going up and down, crawling is easy for her.Cruising—trying to walk along the

Developmental Milestones: Month1

Motor Development Within a month your baby would be latching well for breastfeed.She will be able to bring her hands to her face. Some babies would be sucking their thumbs.During tummy time, she would raise her head/turn it slightly and

Bounce Activity for Baby Development at 4-6 months

Congratulations! You and your baby have crossed a quarter of a year together and happily. By now your little bundle of joy would already have learnt to assert herself, get her way with you and others through her cute antics and endearing

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